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Saturday, 25 May 2013


At last! Shibah's Monster is here and complete and on the other side of left field. It's nuts. Like Playing Dead nuts.

Before you could stalk people on Facebook, remember what it was like to wonder what happened to those people you grew up with? The one's who lived across the road from you? That weird kid who used to offer you a corner of a smashed jam sandwich? The boy two years ahead of you who had glorious hair, remembered your name and always sent you a movie star smile? (Mental note, stalking to be done). This story is where it starts. Where it ends up, is through a labyrinth of craziness that starts with the dead rising from the grave.

That's the point of paranormal, right? You get to do whatever you want? Here, take a pinch of this plausibility powder and fly free. You're going to need it.



Dr Shibah Kusi is a woman who lives by the rules of science. There isn’t anything that cannot be explained or rationalised by what she’s learned in her work as a pathologist. It’s kept her grounded and it has kept her sane. Until one night, in the depths of the mortuary, she comes face to face with the dead body of her childhood crush, Marek Kaszynski. All she wants at that moment, on seeing the man she’d always been in love with dead, was to bring him back to life. Change their future to reflect the promise of their history. At just past midnight, everything she wants is about to rise from the jaws of death. In spite of everything she’s learned and everything she knows, Shibah will do anything to protect Marek. He’s hers.


Shibah was past wide awake. This was a state of complete chemical alteration, with Marek’s unrelenting erection pressing between her thighs. She wanted to blame her wet underwear on the shower, but this was a metronome of sexual need counting down to how long it would take for her to succumb. Get up, get up, get up five minutes ago, get up!
This couldn’t be good for his circulation. It took a good fifteen minutes of struggling but she eventually broke Marek’s hold and slipped from his body. With a foot braced against her old mattress, she heaved him onto his side and into a foetal position. The man slept like the dead.
Was he dead? She stared at him until she could see the rise and fall of his body. Closing the door behind her, she made her way to her parents’ room and sat on the bed in her damp towel.
What else could she do for now? No way could she sleep knowing her reincarnated childhood sweetheart was in the next room regenerating or something.
Oh God, he’d beaten that security guard to death. Well, it was either that or genital worms would have got Aaron. The sexual hazard of sticking one’s genitals into corpses. A snort of laughter escaped her before they quickly became sobs. Now what? Now fucking what? Her bag vibrated and she jumped a foot into the air. Kevin.
“Where are you?”
“At my parents. Just easier to get here. I didn’t want to drive for ages after such a long shift.” How easy it was to lie.
“I wish you’d called. I’ve been worried here.”
“I’m fine. Honestly,” she forced lightness into her tone. Why was he doing this? He should have made this sort of effort months ago.
“Well, call me in the morning”
“If I can. Goodnight.”
“Night. Love you.”
She ended the call before he asked why she didn’t say it back. I love a monster and that means I couldn’t have ever really loved Kevin, she whispered. Maybe if she got a little sleep she could start to process what her next steps were. And they had to be smarter than covering up a murder. Arranging herself on top of the duvet and beneath an electric blanket, Shibah forced her eyes closed and practised some deep breathing. Space. Calm. Breathe. Marek. Hearts. Marek drawing hearts on me. My wrist. My tummy. Between my legs with his tongue. No, no. He never touched me, he only kissed me once. And that kiss had been erotic perfection. He crossed her mind every time anyone looked at her in an even vaguely sexual way. Space. Calm. Breathe. Repeating the phrase over and over seemed to help, the warmth of the blanket lulling her into sleep.
She was back inside the lab. Marek was prostrate on the mortuary table in front of her. As she’d done before, she lifted his hand to her lips, tracing her thumb over the heart tattoo. His pulse jumped under her lips and her gaze fell on his face, still grey and waxy. Her hand traced over his forehead and she watched as sparks flew between their skins. White orbs fixed on her, his hand large and strong caught the edge of her lab coat, pushing it away. Obeying the silent command, Shibah allowed the lab coat to fall to the floor, leaving her in a simple pencil skirt and white blouse.
“Lift it up,” he commanded, his voice still sounding as if his voice box had been grated. She caught the hem of her skirt and pulled it above her waist. His fingers felt rough against her bare thighs. She couldn’t help her own shock at how dark she looked against his hand, even as it rose higher, scraping over her panties. Her breath locked in her throat as soon as he touched her beneath the lace. A gasp—desire and surprise—sounded loudly in the lab. Skin slipped against skin, Marek’s hand moving higher along her thighs, until he parted her sex and sank his fingers deep inside her. She rocked against his hand and almost lost her voice when he caught her just where she needed him. The response of her body skated down her legs and coated Marek’s fingers. Her eyes flew open at the sound of his grunt of pain. She glanced down and saw stark red half moon circles where her nails had dug into the flesh of his torso. “Sorry,” she heaved.
“Come here,” he said in quiet invitation. She stripped off her skirt and panties before straddling him on the table with ease. He burned her with the heat of his cock, the tip brushing over her clit. Oh, God, how she remembered this fire! Sweat beaded between her breasts and at the small of her back. Marek caught her hips with hands that bit into her flesh, forcing her to look at him. The whiteness in his eyes had given way to that startling silver of her sweetheart.
“Take it,” he urged. Slowly she sank down onto him, the thickness of his cock pushing into her, spreading her little by little. She leaned down onto his chest and touched his cheek bones with the tips of her fingers.
“Every time,” she whispered, “every time I did this, I wished it was you.”

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Return of the Mack

I know what triggered it and I owe the kid a new outfit or trainers or something, but babysitting caused me to start a sequel to Said the Demon. I didn't mean to. I wasn't going to go back there, believe me, I was done with demons and their ilk. But I saw a programme that nudged me and then I had to babysit and THEN I couldn't wait to get rid of the little treasure so I could start typing away. 

I've been doing my familial duty in babysitting one of the most gorgeous little boys I've ever come across and I'm freaking Mary Poppins most of the time, babies LOVE me. So me and the Little Man were playing with his mobile and I accidentally gave him a hi five. He laughed and laughed like it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen in his entire life and for the rest of the evening, until he passed out, he was thoroughly obsessed with his own hand. He. Is. Awesome! I like him because I can hand him back and mostly because he kicked me out of a dry patch with writing. 

So my time in the last few months with my new chum, I've channelled my services into creating something mental. And thus Angel's Baby was born. It's thoroughly out of control and I had no clue that it would turn out the way it has, but such is Hank's plans. Devious, male of the species, aren't they? 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bear Necessities...

The lovely Kassanna is a guest on my blog today. Ooh, my very first guest! Her bear shifter story is now out in the UK to nab, cover in honey and devour. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Kassanna!

Let's Talk Bears…

In the Pack Rulez series I write a lot about animals. That's a given though since all of them with the exception of a few humans are actually shifters. As I move along into each new book , creating the world of Volkshire, I find myself doing quite a bit of research on the animals I anticipate using. I gotta tell ya I am gathering some rather intimate knowledge of several beasts. The animal I want to tell you about today is The Kodiak Brown Bear. This creature is fascinating and was a hoot to learn about. Here are five facts about the Kodiak I pulled from the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game.
  • To date there are only thirty-five hundred bears on the Kodiak Archipelago.  (Worldwide)
  • Kodiaks are actually a subspecies of the Grizzly Bear.
  • They are the largest bear. (Worldwide)
  • They can live up to forty years and the average male can weigh in excess of a thousand pounds.
  • Kodiaks have highly dexterous lips they are able to move independent of their face much like people tend to use their hands.

Now that I've filled you in on what I learned allow me to introduce you to Boris “Kuma” Blaidd. You met him in Scar but he has his own book, titled, you guessed it. Kuma. 

Blurb ~

Boris “Kuma” Blaidd was supposed to be Alpha of Volkshire. Instead he passed that mantel on to his brother and went looking for adventure as a sentential. He only came home at the request of his family to protect his nephew.
He never wanted a mate and didn't expect to find her. Especially since she comes in a sexy, albeit skittish, package and has had her car trunk retrofitted to keep a cache of weapons. Boris knows who she is and what he must do. He simply has to take a stroll through hell to accomplish the feat.
Nix's life has never been easy, but she has made it work one way or another. The only person she has ever truly trusted called her and she came guns drawn. Only she never expected to stay. She definitely didn't expect to meet a hot bear disguised as a man who counters her every move with one of his own. Boris doesn't play fair, making her want things she knows can never be. Now she wonders can they?

Excerpt ~

She moved around the island keeping distance between them. “He's hiding. I'll find him in a minute.”
“Shouldn't he be getting ready for school?”
“Shouldn't you be working?” Nix countered. She turned and dumped her drink in the sink before strolling to the other side of the counter to take the long way out of the room.
Boris twisted around and took a few steps, blocking her way. “You've avoided me long enough.”
She lifted her chin to look into his eyes before dropping her gaze. “I figured you were busy with the old love interest.” Nix tried to sidestep Boris.
He grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up against him. Boris gripped her other arm and slid her up his body until they were face to face. “There is only one woman I have any interest in. Unfortunately, she is too stubborn to realize that.”
“Really? You better catch her. I thought I heard your Seri in the bathroom earlier,” Nix responded drily.
“Woman, I am tired of you vexing me.” He bent his head and traced her lips with his tongue.
He tasted the cream, sugar, and chicory coffee on her mouth, pushing his tongue past the seam of her lips. She opened her mouth on a sigh and he took full advantage, taking her breath into his lungs. Her knees dug into his sides as she wrapped them around his middle and her palms slid up his arms. She buried her hands in the short hairs at the back of his head. He skittered his hands down her back to grasp her ass in his palms as he moved his mouth along her jaw. She dropped her head back allowing him access to her throat as he hiked her up higher on his body.
Voices drifted into the room and Nix went still in his arms. She dropped her legs and pulled her hands between them. Rearing back she peered into his eyes.
“People are coming.” She bit her bottom lip.
“So?” He pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth.
“We can't be seen like this.” Nix let her legs dangle.
“Why not? Sorry, but I'm not seeing the problem here.”
“You need a good review.” She hung her head placing it against his chin. “I heard some of your conversation. You can't afford to have Seri get angry with you.”
“That would be Seri's problem.” Boris started walking. Her feet kicked his shins.
“Where are you taking me?”
“I'm borrowing a page out of Keen's book.” He pressed her against the wall for support and grabbed the knob on the pantry door.

They slipped into the dark storage room just as people entered the kitchen. Their voices muffled by the heavy wooden barrier. Being swung around in the dark, Nix lost her bearings and clung to Boris. She blinked several times waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. He chuckled, his lips brushing her ear. A sliver of electricity rolled down her spine when he sucked her lobe into his mouth and bit down. She combed her fingers through his hair trying to get a grip on the strands. He carried her deeper into the shadows and she felt a shelf dig into the small of her back. The cool cans touching her skin made her shiver.
The length of his cock grazed the inside of her thigh as Nix lifted her legs to lock them around his waist. He pressed against her body and the shelving shook. Her hands skimmed the width of his back as he pressed his mouth along her throat. He moved a hand up her side, pressing a big palm between them to cover her breast, tweaking her nipple through her clothing. She leaned to the side, breaking the contact with his mouth only to press her lips against the exposed skin of his neck. Her nose rubbed the hollow below his ear and she inhaled deeply. The smell of tilled earth and thunderstorms enveloped her.

Buy Links ~

About the author ~

Kassanna is a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters. After meeting her husband in November and marrying him three months later in February the two have survived and mostly enjoyed every adventure life has thrown their way. Ten years, two children, a couple of dogs and a wild turkey that came out the woods and somehow adopted them - later- the adventure continues.
Writing has always been her passion but fate sometimes has other roads that  must first be taken .  Navigating the road less traveled was not only unexpected but in the end extremely rewarding. Her books are mainly contemporary romance but she has delved into the paranormal and plans on expanding into other areas as the ideas come to her.  Right now she is enjoying life and seeing her work come into fruition make it that much more pleasurable especially when her books make others smile. Kassanna wouldn't have it any other way. 

She can always be found at her website or her blog

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The Baby Gift is now on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks. Faster than a speeding... well it's far too early to say what I want to, but you know where I'm going. He he he...

Click, download, have a glass of wine well before you start and enjoy!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Baby Mama

Music to celebrate your fertility with! This is the music that inspired and nudged along Tais and Delilah's story.

  1. Prince feat. Lenny Kravitz American Woman
  2. Radiohead Reckoner
  3. Justin Timberlake Lovestoned/I Think She Knows
  4. James Vincent McMorrow If I Had A Boat
  5. Madonna Justify My Love 
  6. Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart
  7. Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko Stay
  8. Robin Thicke Superman

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Baby, baby, baby...

Honestly, this is probably one of the more random stories I've ever written, but such is the command of Shara Azod.

Ms Whiplash challenged us to write a story where the heroine is pregnant. Easy, I thought. Who hasn't been knocked up in one of my stories. That's when Shara flipped the switch on me. The heroine had to be pregnant when she met the hero. Ah. I thought. Crap. But once again, being thoroughly overheated on a beach in Mexico solved that dilemma pretty damn quick. Therefore, thanks to the Mexican sun and one hell of a pina colada, I present to you The Baby Gift.

Since I seem to be surrounded by fertile females at the present (everyone is pregnant, I mean everyone) I embraced a different understanding of being with child. I mean babies are lovely and soft and cuddly (goddamn demanding mostly) when they arrive, but before that? Yikes. Then again, you never want anything as much as when you can't have it. No one understands that as much as the heroine in this story, Delilah. Married to her GBF (gay best friend) he promises to help her have a baby and he kinda does. But like anything, it comes with a price. And that is being married to her GBF, being pregnant and then meeting the deliciously stern and sexy Tais Norgaard. She wants to be good, she really does but I challenge any woman to resist the Dane. Damn, I love Tais. He's seriously testing my Italian loyalties. I can back claim a research trip to Denmark. Totally back claim. Right?



There was nothing like a funeral to get a romance started. Well a funeral, an artificially inseminated pregnancy, a gay husband, his gold digging lover, paparazzi and millions of dollars. Tais Nørgaard knows firsthand what it’s like to be at the edge of death. After chemotherapy for a cancer that has gone into remission pretty much demolishes any chance that he has of reproducing, he finds himself thoroughly intrigued by the lovely Delilah Bancroft. Much like the legendary woman of her namesake, she has the power to bring him to his knees...even if she's the beard of an entitled prick who won't open his eyes long enough to see that he's being used. Now how exactly does he go about convincing her that she'd be much happier in his warm bed with a ring on her finger and her unborn child potentially calling him Daddy? Tais has come back from worse. He's damn sure he can figure this out.