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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Night Time Is The Right Time

Have you read Nights of Roshan yet? No? What do you mean no? Is not just for Christmas, it's for good times.

So Neiri Halabi, a fellow African sister with too much time on her hands, needs to distract herself from her life. Certain times of the year aren't good for being alone. Christmas plus divorce plus skanky, scrotty ex husband are one of those times. Roshan Ahsani, is a luxuriously wealthy owner of Neiri's building and happens to be a white tiger shifter with fertility problems. Neiri has a need not to be on her own. Roshan has a need to get his family off his back. Two folks who can give each other a helping hand. Maybe involving a little pinning and bumping and grinding. It's all in great fun and I did chuckle to myself in parts asking myself: "Should I? Yeah. I should." Thus Nights of  Roshan was born. For all it's giggly parts the base of the story is self belief. Confidence. Faith. Those abstract desperately important things that drive you, comfort you, bless you. When all else fails, if you believe in yourself, the world will float towards you like a petal on a river.

So! Music:

1. Strong - London Grammar
2. Move - Little Mix
3. Snow - AU Master
4. Free - Rudimental ft Emeli Sande
5. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
6. Bad Girls - MIA
7. The Shepherd's Farewell - John Rutter
8. Treasure - Bruno Mars
9. DLM - James Blake
10.  Les jous tristes - Yann Tiersen

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Bon appetite!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Goodbye and Hello!

So ends 2013. It's been a year of travel, of trials, challenges, illnesses and the all important value of family. Not just the one I have by blood but family formed of very dear and very understanding friends. I can't entirely say goodbye to the year without a brief look over the works I committed to screen and when Hank wasn't playing ball, I committed to paper. Variety is the spice of life, eh? I thought I'd been a bit lazy this year, but giving it a second, cursory glance, it seems I have spent rather a lot of time typing...

First came Vintage Pleasures - a little whipping a little burlesque and snappy talk. I brought out toys. Canes, harnesses, clothes pegs and several strands of pearls. Baby making work apparently!

Then quite conveniently considering the first release, The Baby Gift came along - my personal surprise of the year. All it takes is a piƱa colada and I'm all about gay best friends, IVF, sexy sperm donors and the trouble with abstinence! I haven't had so much fun with a story in a long time!

Shibah's Monster arrived next, echoing my eternal desire to just talk to people I've lost. Marek Kaszinski is the bad boy given every resource to turn good and very nearly loses his battle to stay on the side of what's right. He needs Shibah to do that. And to rise from his untimely grave to give her what she's always needed - Him. Dark and light, sad and funny, from Poland to France, London to Rio the story travels physically and emotionally. That and I got several martinis out of friends getting medical and legal information from people!

Army of Me and You, delivered to you in June, established a previously unknown skill of typing through tears as I told the story of Madeline and Cain - the refugee and the soldier who guide each other to a well deserved happy ending. Mostly on a green in Dulwich... I've never wanted to give a heroine a HEA more than Madeline. She embodies friends whom I've done my best to help and represents the best of this country in welcoming those escaping war to find peace. 

Then at last I was able to release A Life Sublime, the fifth in the Italian knights series (well technically IK3 just a bit delayed see this blog entry for an explanation!) Family interferes with everything. Absolutely everything but sometimes, family can lead you to everything you've ever wanted. Weddings, funerals, blessings, churches, nunneries, restaurants, clinics, opera and one yacht ride to remember in the Neapolitan Riviera features in this mature reveal.

With the falling leaves of October came the sequel to Said the Demon to Little Miss Eva. Manoeuvring around with a baby attached to my hip (not my own!) I became quite adept at typing one handed whenever ideas came to me. Sleep deprivation and being an empath would never be a good combination but for someone who is a paranormal magnet, Evangeline Mensah struggles. Motherhood isn't easy by a long shot. It would have been wrong for me to write it otherwise.

In November I completed Sweet Child of Mine. Single dad, his confused daughter and a wary cafe owner form their own family and find their own happiness together. This just reminded me on how much of a treasure I must have been aged thirteen. Parentals! You have my apologies. It was mostly fascinating to write about a relationship that's confused me, but as Abigail admits, if you love the man, you should love the child.

Finally, Nights of Roshan ended a trial of a year with a luscious Egyptian dentist recalling an ancient ritual for the fertility of a very male, very alpha white tiger. Those ancient Egyptians. They didn't skimp on the rituals... And what's nice is to share the holidays with people who care about you. Enough to move your Christmas tree to your exact specifications.

There we are. I hope you all enjoyed my literary year as much as I did. It's been a bit of mental torture combined with the excited joy of connecting with you the reader. I know I'm not particularly all here on the same planet as you but trust me - it works out better this way. 

Happy New Year and all the best for 2014! It's about to get crazy... 

Coming up in 2014

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And a few more surprises...