The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Be My Queen

Please get used to seeing Violette Dubrinsky's name all over this blog. She's got some fantastic stories coming up soon, and Warrior is one of the best.

For those of you in the know, Warrior was a Literotica veteran before The Purple Lady got zshushing. I didn't get to read it then, so I was coming to this tale with fresh, eager eyes. The story features fearlessly strong Jaisyn, Princess of Lytheria, eldest of three beautiful daughters. Upon her father's death, Jaisyn has to contend with challenges that force her to consider alliances she would never have dreamed of forming, but to save her sisters, Jaisyn would give everything. And its the unconditional love she has for her sisters that lands her in a marriage with Vulcan Mor'an, High King of the Northlands, who more than believes he has a right to Lytheria. It's just unfortunate he happens to be the man she's sworn to hate for all eternity. The rest of the story is packed with fast paced action, love, treachery of the highest order, suspense and excitement in the fall out from Jaisyn and Vulcan's union.

Dubs, you've done it again. You know a book is exceptional when you can see the whole story as if it's playing on some 52 inch widescreen in 3D. The scale of this story is simply epic, Hans Zimmer score in the waiting. The characters were all extraordinarily detailed, vivid and to be truthful, a lot of crazy vein running through some of them. There are shocks and twists you won't even begin to see coming until your face is aching from the slap of it. The core relationship between hardcore Jaisyn and hot-brute Vulcan is so ridiculously sexy and pretty nuts. I'm sure in alternate universe their servants are all having therapy sessions to cope with the trauma of what they witnessed. It's a mighty tome of work, but each word, each thread weaves into magic. You will invest in these characters, major and minor, and see damn good on your return, to the point where you're trying to reach into the story itself to kick some ass. There are sequels in the pipeline for each of the St Ives sisters. I'm particularly greedy for Varian's tale, Vulcan's brother. Mmm, Mad-eye-sexy...

Get a copy of Warrior, settle down for some serious reading time and be whisked away to a world where you need to be packing your broadsword, or go home. I cannot say enough good things about this author. Carry on Dubs. We are expecting... 

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Amazing Anthony

Tony's here! It only took months of prodding and 'where's my man' and 'why are you keeping me and my man apart' from Jayha and 'hurry up with this' from The Jeanie for me to crave the silence and Hank to get out of his lazy chair to give you On Caristo's Watch.

I can't wait for you all to dive in and see what a gentle giant he is! Who's damn cheeky. Who's technologically insanely clever. Who likes to spank. Sorry, he's kinky like that.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sexy Back

World, this is Tony Caristo's cover. Tony Caristo, world. Tony don't spank the world so hard. It won't like it as much as Lydia.

I am sooooo excited about this, I cannot even begin to tell you!!