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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Different World

Shirelle Higgins is a secret gangsta. You did not know this? I will explain to you why. From one of the funniest BTP challenges to date, spurred from er 'interesting' submissions, Ms Higgins took one look at this challenge, said to it 'yeah, what, bring it!' And bring it she has in the form of the story 'Wolfwitch'.

Bobbie is a woman under the thumb of her abusive were husband, struggling to exist in a world that rejects her as an abomination. It doesn't help that in enjoying a little rare moment of freedom, she is kidnapped by a vampire talking all sorts of illogical nonsense around a wolfwitch. James is the vampire charged with trying to negotiate a deal that will maintain balance with the paranormals, as the wolfwitch is a powerful entity who can control the shift of all weres. Bobbie is a gut wrenching, sensual siren of a distraction whom James knows to the core is his mate. But she belongs to another man, who could hold the future of weres in his careless hands. Wolfwitch is a subtle sensual story that has put a completely original, fresh and unusual spin on werewolf folklore.

James is the most human and emotionally aware vampire I've ever read of. His strength is not just physical, it is emotional, spiritual - words one doesn't necessarily associate with nosferatu. It doesn't make him any less dangerous or ruthless. Bobbie is funny, sweet and when the time comes, a warrior. This story also has possibly the sexiest scene of the year - when you get to it, you'll know what I mean. I adore a story that has an impending sense of doom about it and unfulfilled 'we-can-never-be' love. In this short, bizarrely delicious read, Shirelle gives a new twist to what is generally accepted as the norm in paranormal (see what I did there?). I have a good feeling that it will turn into a series, exploring the rather brilliant premise of Wolfwitch. Howl at the moon, y'all. Howl at the moon...


Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Janet Eckford is ridiculously smart. How else is she able to not only make me think but be so deeply connected to her characters that I was dreaming about them days after I finished the book? Gasp, she's a master hypnotist! That's what she means by working in mental health! 

And back to sensibility. I've gone a bit loopy in excitement because I finally read 'Time for You and Time for Me'. It's a story that follows a path of pain and healing between two quite extraordinary people, Leland and Morgaine. They find each other in dark circumstances but find that love is their salvation. There is something about Morgaine's past experiences that made me want to weep (okay I did) and I'm desperately trying to not give anything away! What I loved about the story, apart from Morgaine's ability to embarrass Leland, was that her usual tricks for swaying the male persuasion didn't work on Leland. He is without doubt the definition for her of what it is to be free and at peace with herself. For him, Morgaine is to accept love wholly, no barriers, no excuses. Oh my god, I'm welling up again! 

Good god, Ms Eckford can't half turn a phrase. When she said she was kick ass, the lady wasn't lying. 

Nab your copy here if you haven't already. I'm going to raid the Eckford back catalogue poste haste. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Human Behaviour

My day job constantly challenges my faith in humanity. On pretty much an hourly basis. But then, sometimes someone will do something so startlingly wonderful it needs to be acknowledged.

On The Sweetest Taboo forum, I discovered a member who is giving gift certificates from Beautiful Trouble Publishing to struggling students:

Her profile name is Bajan and I just wanted to say publicly to her: thank you so much. Generosity is rare, especially when everyone is tightening their belts. Cheers to you!

Monday, 1 August 2011

It's all so quiet

Grrr. Hank's gone on sabbatical. I've got stuff to finish, most pressing being my Zombie, who is turning out rather sexy. It's entirely unintentional that I have him wandering around mostly shirtless. Entirely. I may have to protect him from grabby dibsers. The other thing I've started to do, is dream up things that will happen at Nick and Gina's wedding. But for any of that to be on paper/screen, I need Hank to come back from his little jaunt. I have a feeling it's because I went out on Friday and accidentally flashed my knickers in showing off my tattoo. It's hard to show it without flashing underwear if I'm wearing a dress, rather than separates. Don't know why he's even mad, the whole tattoo thing was his idea! Anyway, if you see him, tell him to get his sexy bum back to London asa-flaming-p.