The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, 1 August 2011

It's all so quiet

Grrr. Hank's gone on sabbatical. I've got stuff to finish, most pressing being my Zombie, who is turning out rather sexy. It's entirely unintentional that I have him wandering around mostly shirtless. Entirely. I may have to protect him from grabby dibsers. The other thing I've started to do, is dream up things that will happen at Nick and Gina's wedding. But for any of that to be on paper/screen, I need Hank to come back from his little jaunt. I have a feeling it's because I went out on Friday and accidentally flashed my knickers in showing off my tattoo. It's hard to show it without flashing underwear if I'm wearing a dress, rather than separates. Don't know why he's even mad, the whole tattoo thing was his idea! Anyway, if you see him, tell him to get his sexy bum back to London asa-flaming-p.

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