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Monday, 26 December 2011

Jingle Bell Rock!

Did you all have a good Christmas? Did you all get through half a huge bottle of Morgan Spice like I did with my Dad? Furthermore did you prefix that by peeling veggies and knocking back tequila? Lucky I didn't end up back in A&E (long story). Anyways, just to say happy holidays from me and Hank (the hot muse of mine - still awol) and 2012 is going to be epic!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Watch Me...

You know when you watch a hot actor on screen throwing the actress around like he's giving her his best moves and you think 'Goddamn, I wish that was me. I would ruin him. I would wreck that man for life. He'd be in a coma by the time I finished with him.'

That's exactly what this story is about. It's pure fantasy which is exactly what the Quel Scandale books are all about. Given how much tv I watch, this was inevitable. At the moment, my fantasy actor is a toss up between Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skasgaard. Who's yours?

Monday, 12 December 2011

Simple Gifts

I am waiting for someone, anyone to give me this gift. I want him on order, with a bow covering both nipples and lips all ready to work. Work dammit! Christina Lowe is soooooo lucky. She doesn't get Tiffany jewellery or Christian Louboutin shoes or even a brand new Kindle. No, Christina gets from her twin sister and her brother in law, one hell of a man. Dear God, my imagination sometimes only makes me feel very disappointed that I don't get what my characters do. Someone needs to make up for that. Preferably around 25 December .

Christmas Connection-EBOOK

All I Want For Christmas

Um, I was going to say something intelligent, but I keep getting distracted by the oiled muscles of my cover. Yes! Sorry. Christmas isn't always religious. For people who aren't born into my family that is and I wanted to do a story about how a paranormal gets around the holidays. The paranormals that live on the edge of our world. Pretending to be normal or hiding in the shadows. Don't they have any obligations? Spells to cast? Blood to gift wrap?

At Midnight, is about Oliver, a Nordic vampire who's got until the stroke of Midnight Christmas day to sort his life out or said life's going to be pretty damn short. Then again, Christmas is known for those tiny little miracle like things so maybe Oliver's about to get lucky.

I have been commanded to do a full length story for a character named all of once. When you read it, you'll see what I mean. Ooh, and Janet Eckford reminded me of a tune that entirely embodies the spirit of this tale. Massive Attack Black Milk Apparently, that means I gots to get writing. Dang and double dang.

At Midnight


Did I ever tell you the story how Thirteen made me into a temporary lesbian with the story Pretty As A Picture? Such is the power of her words. Now I am totally in love with Geeks, if Big Bang Theory hadn't already scratched at the surface. Exchange Value is again a perfectly worded story that does what other authors would normally need another three thousand words to convey. You have Michelle, the pretty girl, poor girl with a brain sharper than a katana sword. Then you have Zak, the slightly creepy, super intelligent geek who would probably throw up if a beautiful chick looked his way. Add in the sort of repartee that would make a politics graduate want to pick up their books and serious sexual chemistry and you have a singularly smart and hot read. It made me miss my university days, when I thought I could change the world with my vision. If I get my own Zak, that's still on the cards...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Waiting To Exhale

Marteeka is a clever bird. One Night Forever managed with a scant 49 pages managed to make me cry, sigh, rage and whoop in triumph. Cheated on by her boyfriend and left pregnant by him, Ariel makes the choice to keep the baby and ditch the [insert appropriate foul mouthed rant against such scum here]. Dr Damien "Take Me Now" Carter is on hand to make sure that the decision to ditch [insert appropriate foul mouthed rant against such scum here. I refuse to recognise him by name] is the only viable option since Damien wants to take up that empty space next to her labelled Love of Her Life. I'm yet to read a Kartland book that doesn't make me want to dry hump the nearest post and the tally continues. Perfect reading for a lunch break, trip home or in between making sure your cakes rise. Hehehe... Cakes rise... 


From Romania With Love

Nevea! The saucy little minx, she has rekindled my love of a man with an accent, who can cook and who gives out free footrubs before he's even been allowed a kiss. If Ronni hadn't wanted him, I'd have thrown her out of the way, presented myself naked on a platter with sushi for him to enjoy. Luc, a stern Romanian, successful businessman with a painful past is all about the Benjamins when it comes to Ronni's software company. Until he meets her that is. Ronni is the type of woman you hope your children will grow up to be, sharp, gorgeous and full of integrity. I like my sexy with depth and real emotion. I'll freely admit (reluctantly admit) that I had a little weep for both of them half way through. Then I read the rest and well, tears dried on their own. Take a trip to Eastern Europe, enjoy a little Romanian and pick up a new language. It'll be good for you.


Friday, 9 December 2011

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!

Dark Diva's Cafe has a 25 Days of Christmas Promo! All you need to do is leave a comment to enter!  

Put Out The Zombie -

Coming Home -

Negotiating Love -

A Valentine's Love Story -

Interlude: My Everything -

Talking Dirty -

The contests will run until 12:00 Noon (CST) on Sunday, December 11th. I have no idea what time that is GMT, so do it now!! 

Monday, 5 December 2011

@Last soundtrack

Dudes! I have been remiss! But voila, this is the music that inspired and featured in @Last:
1.           Who the devil are you? We Are Scientists - Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
2.           Introductions: Barry Manilow - Mandy
3.           Interruptions: Ghostface Killer: Ghost Showers
4.           A Courtney in Paris: Yann Tierson La Valse d'Amelie  
5.           Hos before Bros: Skunk Anansie: Get Off Me
6.           Arrivals: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown: No Air
7.           Fancy Dinners: Skunk Anansie: Secretly
8.           Leicester Square: LMFAO: I’m In Miami Beach David Guetta remix
9.           Taxis Home: Frank Sinatra: I’ve Got You Under My Skin
10.        Morning with the Boys: Kings of Leon: Notion
11.        Bad Emails: Tricky: Something in the Way
12.        Flag Down The V Title: Damien Rice: Delicate
13.        Dark Mornings: Heart: Alone
14.        New Routines: Bloc Party: This Modern Love
15.        Cider Solves All: Rihanna: Rude Boy
16.        Return of A Chris: Jay-z: 99 Problems
17.        Reyce Style Glamour: Swedish House Mafia: One (Your Name)
18.        Party Hard: Skepta: Bad Boy Lyrics -
19.        Bribery By Distraction: Rudenko: Everybody It
20.        Melissa’s Back: Madonna: She’s Not Me
21.        Home Truths: Placebo: Running Up That Hill
22.        A Place Called Lie: Florence and the Machine: Cosmic Love
23.        Pub Lunches: MIA: Paper Planes
24.        No Chance Mate: Massive Attack: Psyche
25.        Photos of Another Life: Peter Gabriel: Book of Love
26.        One More Try: Mumford and Sons: Little Lion Man
27.        Epilogues: Jay-z ft Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ready To Start

Janet's made it really difficult for me to ask for what I really want for Christmas. A Sidhe Prince who can let me start over. 

Life In Two Parts is a thoroughly thought provoking tale about having the golden opportunity to live your life all over and do things differently. It's a startling wish, fraught with potentially dangerous what ifs and what abouts? It's a leap of faith, a mark of courage to leave your regrets rather than to see how one change can make a difference.

Augusta's battle to decide what to do, when she's reaching the end of her years will prickle at the tear ducts, even if you're a corpse. Daire's grief at the thought of being immortal while the one person he's ever loved fades slowly away was heartbreaking.

I love a story that stays with you long after you reach the magic words 'The End'. I can't give too much away because I really will spoil this for you. Read it and live it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring for you. So yeah, Janet, there are more of these dudes, right? I'm going to need a story for each of them. That can be your present to me! Thank you in advance. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jingle Bells!

Just over three weeks until Christmas Day! So I'm celebrating with BTP with some free festive tales. I'm up first so get a look in:

Keep visiting for more. We're on fire this month, I'm telling you!!