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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blurred Lines

I know some people think I've made some sort of mistake with my IK books but, believe me I haven't. A long time ago, two and a bit years ago, I was happily writing away on Massimo's story and got stuck. Just plain old stuck. And with most things I get stuck on, I leave it, have a bit of cake, play with some boys (hehehe) and go back to it when I'm ready. That didn't happen until this year. In the meantime, Rocky started chattering to me about his lost love and the Luca wanted to have his past resolved with someone sweet and generous and loving. All the time, Massimo was sitting back, waiting, patiently. That surprised even me, since patience isn't a Da Canaveze trait by a long mile. So while Rocky talks about Massimo's marriage on his book, A Life Sublime tells you all about that wedding and what happened to even get to said wedding. This book pre dates the events of The Claim. I wish I could have written A Life Sublime two years ago, but I wasn't in that place. Neither was my hot muse Hank. There were things we had to experience, to go through, to understand, to feel before I had the maturity to write this book. Plus there's so much Fante in it, I needed my parents to wait a damn minute to get spelling. In truth, the IK order of books should be as follows:

  1. Windows
  2. On Caristo's Watch
  3. A Life Sublime 
  4. The Claim
  5. Best Laid Plans
Any other story after number five will not cause timeline confusions. I hope. Depending on who shouts the loudest. Massimo was content to wait. I'll have to see who else is.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Let's Dance

A Life Sublime is pretty long. But that's because there's lots of music to each and every scene. So here we are. Let's party like we're African/Italian/British and if we stop the wine's going to be taken away.

  1. Azonto - Fuse Ft Donae'O and Tiffany 
  2. Prince Nico Mbarga - Sweet Mother
  3. David Bowie – Let’s Dance
  4. Shirley Brown - Long As You Love Me
  5. The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
  6. Diana Ross - Who Was The Boss
  7. Urban Cone - Winter's Calling 
  8. Western Diamonds Band, Kofi Betsil - Passenger 
  9. Cecilia Bartoli - Caro Mio Ben
  10. Tarantella - Napoletana 
  11. The Naked and the Famous - Punching in a Dream
  12. Jodeci - FreekNYou
  13. Kanye West - Golddigger
  14. Nat King Cole - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
  15. Cameo - Candy
  16. Al Green - Let's Stay Together
  17. Al Green - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
  18. Adele - Hometown Glory
  19. Bill Evans Trio - Night and Day
  20. Ms Victoria Barnes - Never Too Late
  21. Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies
  22. Sammy Davis Jnr - The Candy Man
  23. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
  24. David Bowie - Modern Love
  25. Verdi's La Traviata - Di Sprezzo Segno
  26. Jewel Ackah - Sea Never Dry 
  27. Ramblers International - Awuraba Artificial
  28. African Brothers Band International - Oman Bo Adwo

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Time Is Now

After toil and trouble. Trials and tribulations. Tests and tears. Many, many tears... It is finally here! Now it is no longer mine ultimate enemy, I am pleased and more than that relieved to present to you A Life Sublime. 


Uno Blurb: 

Belinda Afriyie is only in the Neapolitan Riviera for the wedding of her best friend’s daughter, never mind the fact that she bullied her way into it, mostly out of guilt for not being the mother figure that she should have been. At the very least, she had to make sure that Gina Robinson did her Ghanaian duty in marrying Nick Da Canaveze, even if Belinda had to get on a plane, pay excess baggage and suffer the heat for it. There would be no time for sightseeing, lounging around infinity pools and definitely no time for flirting with anyone. Especially not The Big Man, who was as troublesome as his son. The twinkle in Massimo Da Canaveze’s eyes told her that he was more than just trouble. He was a huge, fat God-like sign of what was missing from her life. Of just how glorious life could be with someone like him in it... But a man like him would never give her a side glance. It was fine. The wedding celebrations would last all of four days and she’d be off home. No looking. No touching. No flirting. None of that was good for her or her ego.
Massimo Da Canaveze is not enjoying his status as widower. He’s lonely. Feeling that way had become a way of life and his son’s wedding at his 800 year old family villa would hopefully put that to a stop. He would be surrounded by people he loved.  What he didn’t expect was the shrill voiced, authoritative, all commanding, arresting personality that was Belinda Afriyie to blaze through Italy in figure hugging, traditional African dresses and floaty kaftans that left little to the imagination. There hadn’t been an ample bosomed challenge like her to cross his path since his late wife. With a little music, a little sunshine, more than a bit of whiskey, he and Belinda were going to become very good friends.
Four Italian named puppet masters sit on the sideline of this play, throwing pizza pies to hit two half-centenarians in the eye. The Da Canaveze family is about to add to their growing number and no one is more shocked about it, than the puppets…

Uno Excerpt:

He sent her an assessing look. “Why are you afraid of having things in common with me?”
Belinda turned to him, fury in her eyes. “Pardon?”
“The idea of having similarities with my life worries you. I can tell. We are all simply human. If not always with the same set of sensibilities.”
Hmm. “You and I both know that is not always the case.”
Those crystal blue eyes twinkled. “That sounded nice.”

“You and I. Please do continue, we may even eventually agree with one another.”
Ridiculously attractive man, she thought, a reluctant grin tugging at her mouth. “Eh heh. All right, I’m going to go and sort myself out.”
“Belinda,” he said with a mild warning, as she heaved herself from the pool and padded to the lounger, “I am the last sensible adult in this villa. You should stay friends with me, even if we disagree, or you will have no one else to talk to.”
He has a realistic and very valid point, she thought, snapping off her swimming cap. God knows she wished there was a palm tree within reach where she could remove a few swatches and swat the idiocy from the mouths of those children. “I’ll let you know,” she replied smartly, pulling the kaftan over her head and wrapping the towel around her hair. He was still watching her. Naughty man, she knew that look. That same sort of look had got her into trouble before she had married and a good many times after. “You behave yourself. I told your son and I’ll tell you too. I am not afraid to beat you if you give me nonsense.”
Massimo glanced down at his arms before looking up, a light in his eyes that should have sent her running for her passport and on the first plane back to London. “What makes you think I would not enjoy that?”
“Because you’ve never had a proper beating from me,” she retorted, collecting her things and making her way back to the villa. There would be something to occupy herself with and take the goosebumps from her flesh that had nothing to do with being cold and everything to do with the husky laugh of the man still in the pool.