The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Welll hello there! Back exactly where it needs to be, Army of Me and You is sitting pretty on Amazon. Nothing more added except for my usual extras of a playlist and what's coming next. 

In so many ways, this story is very close to my heart and means the absolute world tonne to be able to share it all over again. I'm very grateful to you all for keeping me going, keeping me encouraged and reminding me that there's lots more for me to do! 

Happy damn reading people!

Army of Me and You on Amazon

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Look how pretty!?

I like shiny new things and this is the first shiny new thing I've had in a while! Okay, not that long, I did replace the usurper with another model, but that was necessary. For real.

So! To the wonder and delight that is Madeline and Cain's story, with a side of marc de champagne chocolates. To survival and discovery. To new beginnings and love across the distance. To a bit of a banger to Mariah Carey getting back to the sexy I've always loved.

This is the soundtrack to Army of Me and You:

  1. Together - The xx 
  2. Can't Hold Us -  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
  3. #Beautiful - Mariah Carey ft Miguel 
  4. Human - Daughter 
  5. You & I (Nobody in the World) John Legend
  6. Chevaliers De Sangreal - Hans Zimmer 
  7. Fire We Make - Alicia Keys ft Maxwell 
  8. Explosions - Ellie Golding 

Monday, 17 July 2017


You know I like a little music to go with my tales and Hideout is no different. Being unusually dark (for me anyways) the music needed to fit, so here we go:

Hideout on Spotify

  1. Mr Martyr Young Fathers
  2. Kveikur Sigor Ros 
  3. Don't Cry For Me Stormzy ft Raleigh Ritchie
  4. Almost Over Aquilo
  5. Radio Silence James Blake 
  6. You Don't Know Me Son Lux 
  7. Heartbeat Childish Gambino
  8. On Fire Raleigh Ritchie
  9. Easier Mansionair 
  10. Percogesic Gallant
  11. Figure 8 FKA twigs
  12. Garden Emeli Sande
  13. Gosh Jamie xx 
  14. Hadron Collider Blood Orange 
  15. Dots & Lines Lupe Fiasco 
  16. I Love You Woodkid 
  17. Im U Beacon 
  18. No Witnesses Keaton Henson 
  19. Whole Lion Babe
  20. The Hills The Weeknd 
  21. Slip Elliot Moss 
  22. Technicolour Beat Oh Wonder 
  23. U Boat Kasabian 
  24. Me and the Devil Gil Scott-Heron 
  25. Settle Vera Blue
  26. Panic Forest Swords 
  27. Back From The Fire Gold Brother 
  28. My Body Is A Cage Arcade Fire
  29. Albatross Foals
  30. Move Along Alexandra Schultz 

Sunday, 16 July 2017


It's been a while, ne c'est pas? It hasn't at all been deliberate, it's just the way my life has panned out and how much Hank has control over what I do.

This went to dark places, I can't even lie. But nevertheless, be assured that it all works out in the end. Somehow.

Bonus! There are thirteen other amazing stories in the set for you to devour. They are all full length, stand-alone, complete reads - No Cliffhangers!!!

It's also $0.99 for a limited period, which is a mega bargain. What more do you want? All the links are below, Please do me the greatest of favours and grab your copy. I never usually ask, but if you could leave a review, I would be the happiest bird alive!

Happy reading!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Country Practice

The last few months have been a struggle of epic proportions. Not only is our political landscape changing every day, I feel like my country has taken a battering. People taking advantage of death and destruction and grief to push their own ideologies of hate and superiority. Outsiders telling us what we should be doing - arm our police (we have an armed unit that responded and shut shit down within minutes) arm ourselves (after Dunblane we dealt with that, so no) deport everyone (we didn't do that during a 30 odd year campaign from the IRA, during which people I know where injured and killed, so double no and a fuck you) get rid of the London mayor (no time to answer that bullshit, he's doing his job). I am thoroughly uninterested in the random options of people who don't fucking live here. You DONT EVEN GO HERE! For the last time, I'm telling man dem, stay out of our business. We are attacked, we endure, we LIVE! Look at us! Singing! Going out! The tube was as packed as ever! We're still doing pub lunches, having a pint, brunch, meeting up, spending time with each other. I don't smile on the tube, to be fair, I don't want anyone to bother me, but I've been smiling at others and getting a smile in return. That's us. That is us to the core. Decent people who will carry the fuck on and keep calm. We will support the injured, the grieving, our emergency services who prove every day why they are the best, and we will carry on! Living life to full. We are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Keep trying it, you bunch of monkey twats. We've got shit to do that doesn't involve anything on your fucking agenda.

Monday, 27 February 2017

I See Fire

Back on the editing grind. It's been a while since I opened up this story and now I'm seeing a myriad of mistakes. This is what happens when you write in a blind panic to hit a word count. There are body parts expressing emotions, not to mention that I didn't name some characters until half way through the story, like the lazy heffa I am until practicality forced me to do so. You can only call people "the" whatever for so long until you can't remember which "the" is which. Facepalm. I am slowly but surely going through each nook and cranny of this tale to make it better, sexier, sharper. Us writers don't normally enjoy the editing process, mainly because we're looking between our fingers at the stupidest mistakes, such as the amazing third arm of a hero in the midst of a sex scene. Not that third arm, but two hands firmly placed somewhere and a third hand cupping somewhere else altogether. For shame!
I'll be good though. I've got one of the best in the business to get me into top shape. And for the first time in a long time, I can't wait!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Way Down In The Hole

I almost threw my phone across the Northern Line tube to Edgware via Bank in anger. I'd frantically typed over one thousand words into my Google Drive. For whatever reason, I hadn't saved it when I got online, so when I did open it, the version I'd added to the story had gone. Poof. Into the imagination drift from whence it came. That curling smoke of inspiration I had inhaled whilst listening to Young Fathers on Spotify vanished.
You learn the hard way. Save everywhere. Save many versions of the same thing, so this thing never happens again. But it keeps happening to me! Back to the old days where I used to save work to CD drives, only for my bag to be stolen and every single one of my CDs in their bright pink cover case would be gone. Or even further back to floppy disk days, where it no longer worked, because it ended up in the bottom of my bag with a Tunnock Teacake and never recovered. Or to the early days where I'd make a note on the back of an envelope only for someone (not naming names Lady London) in a fit of OCD tidied up and that barnstorming idea was no more.
I like to think that the first time you write a scene is like an invisible tattoo. I remember giggling to myself when I wrote Tony playing Akon minutes after Nick was shot. I can recall how it amused me. I can feel to my fingertips how Danny and Will raged at their parents for having the audacity to get divorced and get back together. I can smell the stench of death when I wrote a shivering, naked Mical calling to her mother from the afterlife. I don't know, or rather, I'm not confident of how those would be the same if I'd had to write it from scratch, because dumbo here doesn't know how to save her work.
USBs and iClouds don't make any of this easier. I'm still having to rely on Ctrl + S and my brain, which is mocking me these days.
And yet, as I'm making the effort to type up some notes from an untouched and very long manuscript, adding to missing chapters, I feel a sense of the most wonderful deja vu. A battle of an 80s themed birthday party. An art gallery punch up. The dissolution of a friendship and the desperate hunger for love.
It all joined in holy matrimony with an understanding that I could do it. "You got this, heffa!" Hank reassures me repeatedly. It finally becomes clear that it's not impossible the second time around. I am older and wiser and more patient. The words trip from my fingertips right onto my keyboard, absent of the same frustration that has plagued my writing for weeks now. I have got this!
Funny that, I thought the older I became the less patience I had with everything. Well, everything except writing. It's one of the few things that deserves all my dedicated, committed patience.
Hot Muse Hank: Told you.