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The Romance Reviews

Monday, 12 December 2011


Did I ever tell you the story how Thirteen made me into a temporary lesbian with the story Pretty As A Picture? Such is the power of her words. Now I am totally in love with Geeks, if Big Bang Theory hadn't already scratched at the surface. Exchange Value is again a perfectly worded story that does what other authors would normally need another three thousand words to convey. You have Michelle, the pretty girl, poor girl with a brain sharper than a katana sword. Then you have Zak, the slightly creepy, super intelligent geek who would probably throw up if a beautiful chick looked his way. Add in the sort of repartee that would make a politics graduate want to pick up their books and serious sexual chemistry and you have a singularly smart and hot read. It made me miss my university days, when I thought I could change the world with my vision. If I get my own Zak, that's still on the cards...

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  1. cosign Billy...this is my fav story from thirteen...
    of course, i say that about each of her stories...grin