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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 16 December 2011

Watch Me...

You know when you watch a hot actor on screen throwing the actress around like he's giving her his best moves and you think 'Goddamn, I wish that was me. I would ruin him. I would wreck that man for life. He'd be in a coma by the time I finished with him.'

That's exactly what this story is about. It's pure fantasy which is exactly what the Quel Scandale books are all about. Given how much tv I watch, this was inevitable. At the moment, my fantasy actor is a toss up between Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skasgaard. Who's yours?


  1. Hmmm...that's a tough choice. Until this last season when they turned Eric into a simple minded wimp, it would've been Alexander Skarsgaard. BUT after reading your Xmas stories and drooling over the six & eight pack hotties on the cover....Mr. Joe M. has taken the leading man role in my fantasies. Yummmm
    Merry Christmas, Ms Billy
    Luv & Hugs...Rhonda

  2. Mr M had incredible abs!! Merry Christmas
    Ms Rhonda!!!