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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Waiting To Exhale

Marteeka is a clever bird. One Night Forever managed with a scant 49 pages managed to make me cry, sigh, rage and whoop in triumph. Cheated on by her boyfriend and left pregnant by him, Ariel makes the choice to keep the baby and ditch the [insert appropriate foul mouthed rant against such scum here]. Dr Damien "Take Me Now" Carter is on hand to make sure that the decision to ditch [insert appropriate foul mouthed rant against such scum here. I refuse to recognise him by name] is the only viable option since Damien wants to take up that empty space next to her labelled Love of Her Life. I'm yet to read a Kartland book that doesn't make me want to dry hump the nearest post and the tally continues. Perfect reading for a lunch break, trip home or in between making sure your cakes rise. Hehehe... Cakes rise... 


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  1. dry hump the nearest post...bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i do indeed love this particular series.