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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Night Time Is The Right Time

Have you read Nights of Roshan yet? No? What do you mean no? Is not just for Christmas, it's for good times.

So Neiri Halabi, a fellow African sister with too much time on her hands, needs to distract herself from her life. Certain times of the year aren't good for being alone. Christmas plus divorce plus skanky, scrotty ex husband are one of those times. Roshan Ahsani, is a luxuriously wealthy owner of Neiri's building and happens to be a white tiger shifter with fertility problems. Neiri has a need not to be on her own. Roshan has a need to get his family off his back. Two folks who can give each other a helping hand. Maybe involving a little pinning and bumping and grinding. It's all in great fun and I did chuckle to myself in parts asking myself: "Should I? Yeah. I should." Thus Nights of  Roshan was born. For all it's giggly parts the base of the story is self belief. Confidence. Faith. Those abstract desperately important things that drive you, comfort you, bless you. When all else fails, if you believe in yourself, the world will float towards you like a petal on a river.

So! Music:

1. Strong - London Grammar
2. Move - Little Mix
3. Snow - AU Master
4. Free - Rudimental ft Emeli Sande
5. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
6. Bad Girls - MIA
7. The Shepherd's Farewell - John Rutter
8. Treasure - Bruno Mars
9. DLM - James Blake
10.  Les jous tristes - Yann Tiersen

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Bon appetite!

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