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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

No walking here

I've pulled the muscle in my calf. I don't know what's wrong with my body lately, it just doesn't like me any more? Is it because I don't have time to have lunch at work any more? But you know that's not my fault!*

So I've been limping around the show making my eyes sting with Deep Heat. Grim. Half way during the day, I suddenly slipped into the mind of one of my male characters. Now, people think I don't like exercise, which is bollocks because I love walking. I love a bloody good walk, music on full blast. I walk faster than Superman. I've had some of my best ideas on a walk.

But I can't do it at the moment and the sheer freaking frustration of having something you're used to taken away from you for no bloody good reason I completely understood him. I mean, it is stopping me from hopping downstairs for ice cream. My dad put tons of scotch bonnets in the rice today.

You know how you need to see things from a character's point of view before you can honestly write from their perspective? I'm on Jamie's page now. Not as tall, or angry, or buff or blonde (maybe a little blonde) but on his page. And I still love him. So when you meet him, just pretend you have a limp. Actually don't, he'll think you're taking the piss.

*It's totally her fault. Sainsbury's is round the flamin' corner, lazy cow. Billy's stomach

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