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The Romance Reviews

Monday, 3 October 2011

Talking Heads

This is the conversation that has been plaguing me for days:

Tony Caristo: Billy baby! Why are you ignoring me?
Me: I'm busy. Go bother Lyds.
TC: She's immune to my wind-ups. You wrote her, you know this.
Me: Be quiet!
TC: (sigh) Couple of months ago you were all over me.
Me: Oh Lord.
TC: It was like free buns at the cake shop. I was all nestled to your creative bosom. More if Lyds hadn't been paying attention.
Me: You and your obsession with breasts!
TC: What's wrong with that?
Me: So much I can't begin to tell you.
TC: Look, Bills, about this wedding. You've cut me out.
Me: I haven't at all, I've got stuff sorted for you.
TC: This neglect isn't right, woman.
Me: But this story isn't about you!
TC: So?
Me: Dude, you need to stop bugging me.
TC: Billy...
Me: Go away!
TC: You wait. I'm going to be hanging around, paddle in hand, just patiently waiting for you to go to sleep.
Me: Don't paddle threaten me.
TC: Get to writing then. Simple exchange.
Me: I'm telling Lyds.
TC: I dare you.
Me: Goddammit.

Do you see what I have to put up with? Threaten me with a paddle! Foolish Caristo, I will tell Lydia then he's in so much trouble, no one will hear from him until book six. On Caristos Watch Caristo on Amazon


  1. going to school full time, working full time and writing some time has left little time for me to pay attention to tony...

    however the little time i do have is enough

    the tony talking to you billy is the clone
    the real tony is safe...right underneath my hotness getting slam wore out.

    it's so good to have hordes of ninja snipers to protect your stuff