The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Friday, 20 January 2012

Something Different

I'm finalising Italian Knight number 3. That has been almost six months in the writing, discounting the fact that I stopped and got distracted with a Zombie and hella distracted by Christmas and totally off kilter with a vanishing 'rest yourself woman' Hank. I'm starting to get very excited about this. It's challenged me, opened my eyes, made me cry. So let me get back to weaving the final threads together before I can type the end and get it all edited and perfect and ready. Gosh it's really weird because this time last year, I was just starting edits for Windows and trust me when I thought I was done with all the characters. I missed them, but I was finished. Obviously Hank lied to you all.


  1. Let me just restate three things:
    first, you need to much as we enjoy your prose it is important to rest.
    second, RESTATING MY DIBS on EVERYTHING because i can.
    finally, see point two.


  2. Hank sounds like a nutter!.

    Also, I'm not a fan of Italian men, but you made your characters very palatable and British, that helped a lot, so much so, it's only when I zoomed in on the Italian Knight number 3 wording in this post, that I remember the characters were all of Italian background. Speaks for your talent, Billy!.

    Can't wait to get lost in another one of your reads!.