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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Letter Day

I remember my first review of Windows. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was terrified that the reviewer, a woman I only knew as Ms Rhonda, would hate it. She didn't. She was extraordinarily complimentary about my writing and more importantly about my Nick. Rhonda Scales, Library Coordinator Extraordinaire was (and I hate having to use that word) a remarkable woman, who went straight to God's embrace on Saturday 9 March 2013.

Rhonda didn't just champion my book. Before I was ever 'stalked' by Jeanie and Jayha, Rhonda set up a whole book club, promoting a little bit of naughtiness to brighten a day, highlighting authors of IR/MC within a multitude of genres. It's impossible to understand that she's no longer here, especially after I had the honour of meeting her at the BTP Meet & Eat last year. Funny, doesn't cover it. Rib breakingly hilarious. She was out there and embraced life. I could freely email her and get a cheeky response back, mainly - when's the next goodness coming. I found support and encouragement and a shoulder to boo hoo on when it all got a bit too much. A fabulous, exemplary woman whom I will miss terribly. I won't be alone either.

So come Atlanta, I shall be wearing the above heels in honour of Ms Rhonda. God bless and I hope you got to take that whip and those boots with you to heaven. Xxxxxxx

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