The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Beautiful Monster

When I was writing Shibah's Monster, it pretty much played out in my head, like a film. Apart from the middle bit, when Marek and Shibah got bored with me and abandoned me for about two weeks, so I couldn't finish the damn book... It's all right. I'm not mad any more. Much... In any case, while I was writing and editing, these songs carried me through, made me remember, helped me find my nostalgia, my rage, my fear and my love. You can tell I was a teenager in the 90s can't you?
  1. Craig Armstrong - Storm 
  2. Tom Odell - Another Love
  3. Kanye West & Jay-Z - No Church in the Wild
  4. ASAP Rocky ft Florence Welch - I Come Apart
  5. Dante Alighieri & Patrick Cassidy - Vide Cor Meum
  6. XX - Reunion
  7. 112 - Cupid
  8. Radiohead - Karma Police
  9. Portishead - Machine Gun
  10. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
  11. Bloc Party - The Prayer
  12. Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
  13. Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be
  14. S. Carey - We All Grow
  15. Fauvre Requiem - Agnus Dei
  16. XX - Fantasy

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