The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Summer breeze, makes me feel fi-hine! It's summer. And raining, typical England. As well as a shower, thunder, lightning and spots of blistering heat whereby everyone everywhere decides it's time to get naked, summer time also means quiet patches at work. Huzzah!

There are stories which have been sitting in my hard drive, gathering dust and fading from memory and when I look back on them - it's a good thing. There are stories which have been too close to the bone, opening wounds that hadn't even started to heal and I try and disable my laptop by crying over it. Then there are the stories that with time, I can complete normally because I now can't bear having unfinished stories lying around mocking me! Following prompts, demands and general revelry with Nikki Winter and Janet Eckford, a WIP that languished in 'Unfinished Purgatory' is now complete. Mainly because in between the moments when I should be working, I've been scribbling away.

Finishing it means I now have space in my head to deal with other people who have been jostling for attention. There's nothing quite like typing "The End". It's a beautiful closure than never fails to make one smile. Getting emosh. Again. Sigh. Let me have a look on Buzzfeed. At least then it'll be tears of laughter.

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