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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 11 March 2011

Man catch up

I'm always told I watch too much TV. I can't see that as a bad thing. If I didn't watch so much TV, I'd have never 'met' Jared Leto. Jeremy London. Blair Underwood (oldie but a damn good goodie). Ian Somerhalder. Ed Westwick. Peter Facinelli (sorry fuck Twilight, he looks so much better in Nurse Jackie). Joe Manganiello - I mean goddamn, have you seen the abdominal muscles on that man? I mean good God on earth! I've kind of glanced at his face, and he's good looking, but his body is crazy. Like Michaelangelo worked him over. Oh and I'm not counting Kiefer Sutherland in 24 as man was in his own league before I even knew what the hell a TV show was. Two words. Lost Boys.

What is it about a television character that gets us all hot and bothered. Is it that they're right inside our homes, and therefore just one step away from the bedroom? Questions I'd ask myself if I wanted to give myself a headache in the eyes (thank you Jayha).

My new victim is this baby: Shiloh Fernandez. I know he has the same name as one of the Brangelina brood. We'll let it go. He was just in one episode of Gossip Girl and made me just about stay awake during Jericho but I'm all excited because he's in Red Riding Hood! And boy looks gooooood!

See now, if I didn't watch TV, I would have had no warning as to how hubba hubba on a barbecue with hot sauce and a side of wings this man is. But I do. So I'm prepared. And I won't embarrass myself in a cinema by bursting out: 'Phwooarh! He's fit!' I can do that at home. Not in public.

Yeah, he's in my bed tonight. Because I have a laptop. I'm going to socialise with real people soon, don't worry. I'm okay.

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