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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Little bit of vanity checked in today, and I went to the BTP website to see how Windows is doing sales wise. Bloody hell people, it's only gone to the number 1 spot! That's all thanks to you! You for threatening to cut me! You for telling me that the story wasn't finished! You who didn't believe why so called Miss Independent Gina would just let Nick play alpha male with her body! [That comment did make me laugh on Literotica to the point of tears] You who told me that I needed to reconsider the ending as I had it! Especially that last comment, because I didn't think I'd be able to do it. The light bulb was in the words 'you can avoid all the cliches that Mary Alice mentions' and that's what started the old brain cogwheels turning for the greater good. And I wish you hadn't made that comment anonymously, because I want to thank you personally! Having words of wisdom from Angelicsounds and Jayha did part of the job (okay a lot of it!) but you did the rest. You pushed a button in me that sent my muse Hank into a frenzy. He didn't leave me alone every day for two months until the tale had been told. So thank you. In times when writing has been the escape I've so badly needed in some really tough, tough times this is honestly one of the best surprises ever, ever, ever! I wish you all yumminess!

Now who wants to pick it all apart with the da hells and the wherefores? I'm up for a chat to psychoanalyse Nick, Gina, Tony, Massimo, Sofia, Paul and Mary-Alice. Let me know and we'll arrange! 'Cited my lovelies!

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  1. What is that word I'm looking for?
    Let me think...
    oh yeah it is
    and for you mere mortals, that is I TOLD YOU SO
    bwah ha ha...