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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ambrosia Goodness from Violette Dubrinsky

I freakin' love Violette Dubrinsky. I felt pretty much so touched by angels when she replied to me on a website thread, which made reading this story a 'with serious pleasure' on the to do pile.

Fallen is the tale of god of Death, Thanatos [totally dibsing by the way] who gets on the wrong side of Aphrodite. For Thanatos' rejection of her, she wrecks a devastating revenge on him. It's partly his own fault, he's far too sexy for his own good. His punishment is to live a mortal life. No powers, no sexy little hand maidens, no ambrosia. After a hundred years of human life, he has the extraordinary chance to beg reprieve from Zeus, King of the Gods at the Monster Ball.

Simone Randall is a journalist who is lucky enough to get a much coveted invitation to the event of the year, the Monster Ball. Hot dress? Check. Journalistic nose twitching? Check. Insanely hot, burn-my-panties-off-me-with-a-look god in the guise of a man to show her there is more to life than work and her cat? Check, check and check.

I adore Greek mythology and this story was sensual, sexy and clever going so much further than surface lust of two people meeting but two people meant for one another in the literal sense of the word. The prose was fluid and evocative in a way that just made me feel every touch, every kiss, every little taste. Any story that has a girl bringing a god to his knees is one that needs to be in your life. Go forth and indulge.


  1. Thank you so much, Billy! This review made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed Thanatos and Simone, and totally agree that Thanatos is too sexy for his own good. Hehe.

  2. if you like that
    and you like dark erotic romance...get the sequel chica...blazing it is...
    and tell your homies about it...

    fab job violette

  3. Hiiii Violette!. I see you on TST.
    Am not a fan of paranormal or mythology romances. I kinda dig more modern, seen!?. I want though to encourage all (black) female writers to continue their work, especially being diverse, but haven't found a way yet to do this. Any ideas?. One I'm thinking of is donating to BTP or TST or.... so that they could hold a competition whereby some lucky reader can win such a read?. What do you ladies think?. Mind, you'll have to set it all up though, I'm tech challenge......

  4. Hiya Foosrock! I think this is a great idea. I'd take it up with Jayha (BTP) or Latee (TST) about holding a contest. I'd love to hear more about the idea so please email me @ when you get this. :)