The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Easter was fabulous! I got to see a really good friend in Yorkshire and chill and eat rubbish I'm not normally allowed to eat (mmm Jaffa Cakes....) And I got to do this as well! I held a mo' fo' snake people!! Yes, it is tiny and it was like holding a pink snake belt that moved by itself... but as the girl who did a hundred meter dash back into her house when she even thought about a snake coming near her in Ghana, I like to think I've done rather well.

Anyways, I need to get back to the muse, Hank. We're sexing up sham immigration marriages tonight. Sometimes the old day job is rather useful. Yes, Hank I'm getting back to it. Soz.


  1. you should write a story about a snake (because last story b/t a snake and a woman didn't go so well for us...i believe we got painful childbirth out of it) and a jaffa cake

    who is hank

    further, who unchained you from your keyboard

  2. Yeah holding one is just about manageable. Thinking about them to write a story? Just about holding onto my sanity as it is!! Hank is my lovey and rather sexy muse. We get busy. No one unchained me!