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The Romance Reviews

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Special Occasion - And Not Just Me Reading

I love anything that challenges my rather old fashioned perspective, so it was with glee that I dived into Thirteen's A Special Occasion.

Regina is blissfully married to a worshipful, giving, strong black man Clayton, and keeping to the first rule of a good marriage, Clayton is on his way to making sure his wife has the most incredible birthday. With a particular little gift that you can't wrap. Well you could if you put a bow somewhere choice...

This story presents (ha - witty little moi) the dilemmas that comes with the much desired, ethical minefield that is the menage but treats the subject with a romantic, lyrical delicacy, a lightness of literary touch which lets you float into a world without making you try to decipher absolutely everything that could go wrong with such a scenario. It's sexy, it's escapist and more importantly respectful.

While this subject isn't really my bag, I do believe everyone should free their minds and give this a read, if nothing else, just to witness a dedicated husband giving his wife everything she could possibly dream of and more. And why the devil shouldn't he?!


  1. you are a first class lady billy...awesome review.

  2. Billy, can I be forthright?.
    I came to romance very very late in life and trust when I say many I/Rs I've read made me roll my eyes with their cheesyness. I have read some threesome erotica and must say....not for me. I really really really tried to get into them, but I'm a oneonone kinda gal. Even straying makes me feel cheated. Yeah, I do lose myself in the reads, but isn't that what they're there for?.