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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 16 September 2011

Hottie of the Century

I was on my way home from Sofarsounds yesterday when I saw a poster for Warrior and nearly got myself into trouble by openly expressing how I could steal it. It stars Tom Hardy whom I have been obsessed with for the past eight years, I think. He's the kind of actor in the same league of Daniel Day Lewis, a character actor who lives and breathes the role until it ends. Yeah, I said it. Same league as DDL (I still love you Daniel!). While Tom's had a turbulent life that rehab, the love of a good woman and a daughter has resolved, I don't care. He's got porno lips, dark eyes and that hint of crazy that nutters like me will always enjoy. I remember him in the BBC production, The Virgin Queen where he played Essex, Elizabeth I's first and only real love. She apparently whispered his name when she died. There's a scene where they are both in court and my god, the way he looked at her, blazed through every single person in that room!

Then he was in Oliver, as Bill Sykes, and genuinely he is the only Bill Sykes who has ever scared the living daylights out of me, plus he was acting opposite one of my favourite actresses, the gorgeous Sophie Okonedo which sealed the deal. After that came Wuthering Heights and having always considered Heathcliffe as an uncertified psychopath, I loved, pitied and desired that passion he gave in every single second. In Inception he stole the show for me as the English gent with a huge gun (hehehe), in Bronson he was the show, and soon he will be not only Bane in the The Dark Knight Rises but Mad Max in the reboot coming soon! So let the record show that I have been worshipping at the altar of the Hardy for a damn long time. So I didn't come to this party late, I damn well started it. Drool at your leisure.

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