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The Romance Reviews

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinch punch!

First day of the month! October hails all things that are great about autumn. Golden brown leaves, darkening afternoons, gingerbread lattes, toffee apples and Halloween. Indeed people, tis the season to be terrified, falalalala! Mocha Memoirs and BTP are taking over the month with all things that send a shiver down the spine. We're starting off with the Queen of Frights, Ms Janet Eckford, who has thirty one short stories in a dastardly collection. I've finished story one and my phone is hiding in my underwear drawer where it can stay there until daylight. Story 2 through to 31 shall be read each day as a Billy treat. Come on then! Let's get scared...


  1. In the collection! Grab a copy and we'll read together - like a horror book club!