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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I am full on loving this World Cup business. Well, I am now that every country I have a vested interest in has gone, I can sit back and enjoy it. The great thing about football, is how it unifies people. Sitting in a pub with friends, when that magical goal is scored, you find yourself hugging strangers, screaming in their faces, jumping on tables, accidentally flashing nipple... All in the name of your country. 

When Italy played, I said there were divided loyalties in the Italian Knights household. As much as one can love the Azzuri, one must remember that the Azzuri are not going to feed them their desired food. The Azzuri will not warm their bed and the Azzuri most certainly will not put up with regular male nonsense. When their is a mix of nations in the family, one must always choose their battles carefully. Is loudly proclaiming "your team are shit!" going to see you on the sofa later on in the night? Most definitely. 

I remember the last time Italy played Ghana in the World Cup and truthfully, a certain someone didn't get a civil word out of me for days. Chose. The. Wrong. Team. To. Back. 

In any case, one can watch and write at the same time. Hopefully, by the time the cup is complete, so will Stella and Niels' tale. All this sway of emotion is not doing my health any good at all. If you have no idea who I'm talking about:


I can almost taste the end! 

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