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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dance Magic Dance

I am glutton for punishment. For some reason I've retreated back to the good old days when I could buy a cocktail for a quid, my skirts were wrist length, and simply resting my boobs on a bar got me a phone number or four. Yes, this is my bastard story. If you're not on Facebook, you won't be aware of the challenge I was given by the Delightful Pepper Pace - to name five things about a main character of a Work In Progress. It's now a Work Completed, but still, I don't think I gave enough away.

  1. Pierce is an only child. 
  2. He's extremely used to getting what he wants. 
  3. He's only 20 but he's very good. At everything. (I know I felt like a right craddle snatcher writing about his escapades. 
  4. Sharpness is his game. He can read people a mile off and ninety nine point nine nine percent of the time, he's right about them. 
  5. Stability in relationships isn't something he's known. His excuse is he takes his cues from his parents and the World War that was their marriage. 

And yes, mainly, he's a massive bastard. He's rude, abrupt, cold, abrasive, spoilt, mean, coarse, rich and dickhead-ish. I don't know where he came from (I do really) and I don't know how a bloke like him could emerge from my fingertips (not strictly true) and I'm really concerned about the type of anti-hero I'm about to share with you. But like Jilly Cooper once said; "Every woman loves a bastard."

He's my only one and he really does need, more than condemnation (as that only makes him behave worse), a lot, lot, lot of love. 


  1. Ooo this book is going to be juicy I can just feel it! Get to writing girl & quit teasing us! B-)!

  2. I'm with anon. I can't wait to read this story! I'll admit it, I love a bastard and I know that you're going to do him justice. :)