The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Start Over Again

All aboard the change train! I'm sprucing up quite a few books and getting the all shiny and new for you. Apart from a little extra editing, there won't be many changes to the book itself but these won't be available for a few months until they're ready for a re-release - straight onto Amazon and ARe:

  1. Windows
  2. On Caristo's Watch
  3. A Life Sublime
  4. The Claim
  5. Best Laid Plans
  6. An Old Cake Tale
  7. @ Last
  8. Shibah's Monster
  9. Put Out The Zombie
  10. Addicted to Witch
  11. Kissing the Canvas

But in the meantime, you can distract yourself with other releases and get yourself in the mood for something unexpected. I'm delving back into young adult. I don't know. All those good times at university and having a retro night has made me feel slightly nostalgic for my youth and all the inherent problems therein. LOL! As if I'd go back to that!

Vintage Pleasures

A little light BDSM 

The Baby Gift

A little pregnancy

Army of Me and You

A little military sweetness

Sweet Child of Mine

A little single father heat

Nights of Roshan

A little tiger tale 

Season of Love Vol One

A lot of little free tales

Playing Dead

A little ghostly 


  1. So when they're updated on Amazon, will they be submitted as new titles to purchase, or will I be able to simply receive a book update for the ones I have previously purchased?

    1. There should be an update. It won't be much removed from the original.

  2. Oh thank goodness! I saw your catalog slowly disappearing and started to panic. I'm even in London for a conference have have been running to major bookstores to see if any paperbacks are available.