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The Romance Reviews

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Once More With Feeling

I know I know, the list of books that need to be re-published is getting longer. I've been so focused on getting the latest Italian Knights book finished, that I did forget about them. But I'm back on it, getting new covers for them all and just making sure it reads right. But these are the books that are off the book shelves for the time being:

  1. Addicted to Witch
  2. Said the Demon
  3. Angel's Baby
  4. Put Out The Zombie
  5. Sympathy for the Devil
  6. The Baby Gift
  7. Vintage Pleasures
  8. Sweet Child of Mine
  9. Army of You and Me
  10. Nights of Roshan
  11. An Old Cake Tale
  12. On Set
Not to worry, they will be back soon, prettier and shinier than before! 

I don't regret anything in my literary life. I am really proud of all the stories I've written and who I've written for - because they've led me to this point. To be a better, more dedicated writer, to appreciate my readers even more than I already do - because you support me no matter what. 

When the new ones come out, old faithfuls, don't feel the need to repurchase. There won't be any changes to them, only a soundtrack at the front, which I will start bringing together for them all. I posted this on my page, and I'll say it here too: 

If you have any questions for me, burning deep in your soul, that you need answers to, ask me. That's what I'm here for. Only Hank holds the power, so I may take a while trying to pin him down then he lets me know (he's so secretive these days. I can barely get a name out of him, let alone a story). Ask away. There's nothing I won't answer about my books, or the places that they're set. I've had a jolly good time in them, and there's no reason you shouldn't either. 

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  1. Yay! I was starting to wonder if you were going to re-release Addicted to Witch. I didn't get a chance to purchase it when it first came out.