The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Teenage Dream

For the grace of yan kapon, we had a little bump in the road, and Bree and I with the help of the amazing Janet Eckford (I owe you chocolates) revised the cover for An Art To It, and here we are. Mi amigos, it was not fun. I didn't sleep all of Monday night - or maybe because I was having nightmares about Tommy Lee Royce - worried about the cover and getting it done before my release date. Sometimes things go tits up, and all we can do, is send a little prayer to the gods of stock photos to yield something fresh and loving so one can get on with one's life.

Translation? Yan kapon is only used when my parents call to God in the most desperate way. The chocolates I'll send Janet and Bree actually, are my favourites Charbonnel Et Walker. I use mi amigos because I send Patricia and Art to Spain for a post exam holiday. Tommy Lee Royce is the antagonist of Happy Valley. It is not a Happy Valley. James Norton does not give me the fuzzies in this role. He scares the living daylights out of me. Don't want to sleep? Watch it. Let go of any good feels you have about Yorkshire. It is not a safe place. Not.

Anyways! New cover, new path, good times. Let's roll.

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