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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Time Is On My Side

One has been lax on getting back to re-releases. Because you know I love a ginger (wait for me Prince Harry!), I’m getting back to Sweet Child of Mine. Also because I read it the other day and was a little like, "Ho-kay!" Cornwall and all that fresh sea air will do that to you..

The titles below are still out of play, but are there any that you need back asap? Any that you missed the first time around?

1.                      Said the Demon (paranormal)
2.                     Angel's Baby (paranormal)
3.                     Put Out The Zombie (paranormal)
4.                     The Baby Gift (contemporary)
5.                     Vintage Pleasures (flash BDSM)
6.                     Army of You and Me (contemporary/military)
7.                     Nights of Roshan (paranormal)
8.                     An Old Cake Tale (short contemporary)
9.                     On Set (flash erotica)

Input is much appreciated. Team effort, fam. Team effort.


  1. Hey Billy I missed Said the Demon, Angels Baby, the baby gift and an old cake tale

    1. Hey Denise!

      The Baby Gift is next after Sweet Child Of Mine. The rest, I'll just have to book myself in with my cover artist as so!

  2. Hi Billy!
    As a member of an Interracial Romance Group on Goodreads, I keep hearing about your awesome paranormal books (& other goodies), but I cannot find a legal copy to buy. Will you consider selling these via Amazon anytime soon?


    Member: Fans of Interracial Romance group

    1. Hello Anino!

      There are some that I need to re-release, as I've received the rights back but these ones are available on Amazon and AllRomanceeBooks

      Addicted to Witch
      Shibah's Monster
      Playing Dead

      The rest I've been a bit lax with. But on the right hand side, if you click the covers, they'll take you right to Amazon. If you'd like to know a bit more, please do email me!

      Best wishes,