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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Beautiful Surprise

This soundtrack is a little bit like a tagine. Taking some meat, vegetables, spices and a little water, then let it bake for a year and a bit... Then open it up just to throw in some new stuff because James Blake has a new album and my God it's helped with edits. Flowing like water! So, yah, he deserves a double spot. Then you have my discovery of the gorgeous Ibeyi (cheers Beyoncé!) and ginger man of the hour (this changes on a regular, you know this) Jack Garratt. Bring the base, blud. Bring the damn base.

So in anticipation of getting this done sooner rather than later, here is the soundtrack of Scottish love - via London and Marrakech.

  1.  Michael Kiwanuka One More Night 
  2. Corinne Bailey Rae The Skies Will Break
  3. James Blake f.o.r.e.v.e.r. 
  4. Chløë Black Cruel Intentions 
  5. Raleigh Ritchie You Make It Worse 
  6. Sara Hartman Stranger In A Room 
  7. David Bowie Valentine’s Day
  8. Vaults Poison
  9. The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) 
  10. Hassan Hakmoun Sala Alla Alik Dima Dima
  11.  Jack Garratt Breathe Life 
  12. Elbow One Day Like This 
  13. Years & Years Eyes Shut 
  14. Gallant Weight In Gold 
  15. Walifa Heartburn 
  16. BØRNS Electric Love 
  17. Halsey Hold Me Down 
  18. Coleman Sitcom 
  19. Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend 
  20. Foxes Devil’s Side 
  21. Jack Garratt Fire  
  22. Texada All My Life 
  23. Florence + The Machine Third Eye 
  24. FKA Twigs In Time 
  25. Bibb Bourelly Ego 
  26. CHVRCHES Afterglow 
  27. Foxes On My Way  
  28. Ibeyi River 
  29. James Blake I Need A Forest Fire 
  30. Ellie Goulding Army  


  1. I have never enjoyed a good read as much as I enjoy reading every single book I could get my hands on of yours.
    You have the most optimistic storytelling abilities when it comes to your heroines and heroes.
    I can't stop reading your books once I start them because I have to know what happens next.
    So now I'm waiting for more stories from you because I have just finished your most recent and as usual you did not disappoint.
    Your books make me wish I owned a publishing company just so that I could be the first person to read your stories because that's just how much I love your storytelling abilities.

    1. Thank you so much! That's so wonderful to read, I may laminate it and frame it!! I've got another coming out today - or most likely tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out! Best wishes, and stay with me!

  2. I got mine! So chuffed! Off to read.....cheers


    1. Hurrah and jubilations!

      Really hope you enjoy it!