The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Friday, 13 May 2016

Surprise Surprise!

"Suddenly-eeee! Life has new meaning, to meeeeeeeeee!"

I love this cover, so much! Me and Bree having a Strange-moment, with the background based on the lamps that are rampant in Morocco, and if I had a private jet and more money, I'd have a house full of the things!

The blurb is below! Be excited folks! I am!! Hence the abundance of exclamation marks - I will calm down. Eventually. Maybe.

Tagine of blog, with Argan oil... 

A million years ago at a barbecue, two lonely migrants, Wynne and Bren, a couple of Scots on the wrong side of the border, got a little too handsy with one another. And yet, it happened to be the type of handsy that leads to a friendship, based in comfort of the familiar and the embers of what could have been. All is well in their ship, right until Wynne falls for one of Bren’s friends. The worst friend that Bren could have ever feared. Like into a gingerbread house and straight into an oven worst friend ever. 

In a South London flower shop, run by a soon to be boxer's wife, Bren has the perfect, light bulb moment of a plan to get Wynne to exit the Grimm fairy tale. The plan goes into action on a certain day, the only day that's made entirely for romance and crazy declarations. Crazy like an offer of a magical holiday to Morocco! Who'd say no? 

Wynne hasn’t a clue what’s coming. But Bren's going to make sure she enjoys every single minute of it.     


  1. Can't wait!. When?


    1. In the next few weeks - almost done with edits!