The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, 27 February 2017

I See Fire

Back on the editing grind. It's been a while since I opened up this story and now I'm seeing a myriad of mistakes. This is what happens when you write in a blind panic to hit a word count. There are body parts expressing emotions, not to mention that I didn't name some characters until half way through the story, like the lazy heffa I am until practicality forced me to do so. You can only call people "the" whatever for so long until you can't remember which "the" is which. Facepalm. I am slowly but surely going through each nook and cranny of this tale to make it better, sexier, sharper. Us writers don't normally enjoy the editing process, mainly because we're looking between our fingers at the stupidest mistakes, such as the amazing third arm of a hero in the midst of a sex scene. Not that third arm, but two hands firmly placed somewhere and a third hand cupping somewhere else altogether. For shame!
I'll be good though. I've got one of the best in the business to get me into top shape. And for the first time in a long time, I can't wait!

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