The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Country Practice

The last few months have been a struggle of epic proportions. Not only is our political landscape changing every day, I feel like my country has taken a battering. People taking advantage of death and destruction and grief to push their own ideologies of hate and superiority. Outsiders telling us what we should be doing - arm our police (we have an armed unit that responded and shut shit down within minutes) arm ourselves (after Dunblane we dealt with that, so no) deport everyone (we didn't do that during a 30 odd year campaign from the IRA, during which people I know where injured and killed, so double no and a fuck you) get rid of the London mayor (no time to answer that bullshit, he's doing his job). I am thoroughly uninterested in the random options of people who don't fucking live here. You DONT EVEN GO HERE! For the last time, I'm telling man dem, stay out of our business. We are attacked, we endure, we LIVE! Look at us! Singing! Going out! The tube was as packed as ever! We're still doing pub lunches, having a pint, brunch, meeting up, spending time with each other. I don't smile on the tube, to be fair, I don't want anyone to bother me, but I've been smiling at others and getting a smile in return. That's us. That is us to the core. Decent people who will carry the fuck on and keep calm. We will support the injured, the grieving, our emergency services who prove every day why they are the best, and we will carry on! Living life to full. We are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Keep trying it, you bunch of monkey twats. We've got shit to do that doesn't involve anything on your fucking agenda.

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