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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ascending To Outer Space

I now have the biggest girl crush on Marteeka Kartland. I can't help it. So much so, I've dubbed her Freaky Teeky. I do have a reason for this worship. I read two stories from her Wanted series, the second of which is Vodka Shots.

It features Russian Dmitry, who is mad. Mad, mad, mad. Mad as a cow with a well known disease, and with good reason. The woman he loves has not only left him but betrayed him to the Consolidation. He's out to find her, capture her and make her suffer for every minute he suffered. Karri had to make a sacrifice for her child, which meant giving up Dmitry and it broke her heart. The danger the two face is not just in getting Karri's child back, but what happens when Dmitry catches up with Karri.

I have never wanted to jump a man more than when I finished this story. Marteeka isn't just smart and ridiculously talented (she does her own cover art) she's bold. There's a line in this story that made my jaw hit my laptop, then made me break a rib laughing so hard. She writes with such clarity of thought and the beauty of her word weaving is that you are instantly pulled into the world with the lightest of descriptions, you know where you are, you know what the limitations are, you know who is who, they be getting busy and they are not going to apologise about how good that loving is going to be. I would recommend start on the first book, White Russian just to get comfortable (and uncomfortable in other places if you know what I mean!)

You won't love Dmitry to start, but damn if he won't throw you down on the nearest space bed and make you love him. He proves his worthiness within sixty pages of intergalatic erotica. The cherry on top are the secondary characters, one of which got me into so much trouble. There was a treaty and negotiations and, I don't know what. Totally worth it though, the man is melted chocolate on caramel on peach cobbler with toffee pieces delicious.

You know what, just thinking about this is getting me all hot and bothered again. I'll catch up with you later. Phew! Hot in here...


  1. Yes, this book was beautiful. Marteeka is one hell of a writer, I've read many of her books. In the beginning I hated Dmitry's guts, seriously. Hawk was much better, but Dmitry redeemed himself quickly and I found him lovable. ; ) I loved this story. As always Teeka Rocks!!!

  2. GRIN yeah teeka did good stuff right here

  3. Cosign, Charisma. In the beginning, we wanted to b*tchslap Dmitry across the galaxy...yeah, yeah he was mad but damn Hawk came in and was like BA-DOW, which is why we dibsed him.

    Of course Marteeka protested as did Billy but said DIBSing is going to lead to two hot more reads due to a little peace treaty Fearless Leader negotiated between Marteeka and Billy which equals HOTNESS HOTNESS HOTNESS for all of their readers.

    This series rocks and it's a good thing Dmitry redeemed himself QUICKLY or we were going to walk to Kentucky and have a word of prayer with Teeka. Teeka knows how to bring the hotness though and we are totally liking this series. AND NEED MORE STAT!!

    Read this. We like how Teeka has heroines in all shades...and while the first two books are sizzling, we're definately waiting on BOOK 3 featuring a badazz sister named Onyx and our man HAWK.

    Oh yeah....JandJ

  4. awwwww!! you guys say the SWEETEST things! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review Billy!! *hugs*

    Yeah, Dmitry tried to be a hardass, but he's really just a sweetheart. mostly. :D

    I do NOT want to talk about the above mentioned negotiations... I'm thoroughly convinced neither I or Billy came out of that one with our skin intact. :P

    thanks to everyone who read it! I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Wow...ummm I really liked it when he was all angry. I better not even think about what that says about me;)

  6. Congrats on the new release Marteeka aka Freaky Teeky. I hope you know that's gonna stick.

  7. Freaky Teeky... lord...

    Shara calls me Teeka Freaka. i guess i can tolorate this. LOL

  8. Ooooooh another I'll have to grab :)