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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sky's The Limit

I had this idea in my head, please don’t ask me where it came from, that Elle D Hayes is an Apple Pie Mum. You know, happy, smiling, Snow White singing with birds at her windowsill chiming in. I adore her, so when I got my copy of Wynter’s Blossom, I was waiting for the Disney titles to roll. Oh how mistaken I was!

Speaking of Disney, remember when Bambi’s mum got shot? Yeah, that’s the sort of shock I got in reading this powerful piece of writing. Sarah Eriksson is a woman who has endured the loss of her father, a terrible violation and the birth of her baby Summer in one year. Steep hill for anyone to climb, let alone with the wolf shifter dimension to it.

Sarah’s sister Shiloh requests amnesty from the Unity Pack’s Alpha Wynter Grey. From the moment Wyn replies, accepting the three into his pack, you are there with them all. You want to hug Shiloh, in her need to protect her sister, tell her it will all work out. You want to hold baby Summer, let her accept you with a few sniffs, assure her that she is safe now. There are big bad ass wolves to look after her, her mum and her aunt. More than anyone you are with Sarah. Seeing her take her life back, regain her sense of self, and get her man. You want to put on a cheerleading outfit and roll out for her with each step she takes forward to becoming the Alphaya (I freaking love that word. Makes me tingle.)

It is a delicious tale, keeping you entirely enthralled as to what a woman can survive and be all the stronger for it. How a real man can handle not only dangerous situations, but his woman with respect, passion and love. Moreover how a real man can embrace a child as his own, regardless of biology.

The paranormal dimensions of this book are exceptional in an already very familiar genre. Elle gives it a credible military edge that doesn’t at all bend reality. Almost as if I expect to leave my house and run into a few wolves!

Every character sings with humour, depth, emotion, but the stage is firmly reserved for Sarah and Wyn and goddamn some fiery heat! I am so excited about the future of the Unity Pack and all of you should be too!

Always the quiet ones. Telling you.


  1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed Wynter's Blossom. Stay tuned...there's more to come from The Unity Pack.

  2. Wynter's Blossom is totally awesome! I loved it from the beginning and still do. I've read it a few times and can promise I will read it again.