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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

At The End Of The Day...

Again, I went off grid a little bit. I was writing like a demon, then work that silly paid thing I have to do, got in the way and now it's the build up to Christmas, enjoying cheeky little flaming cocktails like the one above. In case you were wondering, it was delicious. Even if I did burn my nostril hair. I had my last wedding of 2012 this weekend and then, party to party, with this cold that is lingering like that dude that you know you shouldn't have had sex with but you did anyway and he's still in your bed talking about a fry up and you want to say "I don't cook" but you were boasting about it the night before then you say you need to throw up and he still doesn't take the hint? That sort of cold. Anyways! I thought I would be a little further on in the literary expanses. I've had four releases this year compared to nine last year. Nine. I know I had a two month break from work, but really? Nine? It took me a minute to remember:

  1. Windows
  2. @Last
  3. An Old Cake Tale
  4. On Caristo's Watch
  5. Said The Demon to Little Miss Eva
  6. Put Out the Zombie
  7. On Set
  8. Christmas Connection
  9. At Midnight

This bitch was bizaaaaaaaaay! But I was all flush with excitement and revelling in putting my work out for all to see and desire to lick. Each work I've released this year has been like waving goodbye to little parts of me.

  • The Claim was getting rid of all sorts of job/family/friend/black female guilt.
  • Starting Over was exercising the demon of the 'what if things had been different between us' guilt.
  • Playing Dead was all about having powers I wish I had to bring people back that I love and miss like hell every day. 
  • Best Laid Plans was an attempt - and that's what I'm sticking to - an attempt to accept that not everything that doesn't go exactly as my overly organised timetable demands is a bad thing. Everything happens for a reason. Trite, but true. 

I think the current WIP is still on the Playing Dead theme because its coming up to all sorts of anniversaries but what is life, but I am learning to enjoy the pauses and the dreams in between scenes that drift in and out of my mind. I want to put out a good book, because first and foremost, I write what I want to read. If I don't like it, you're not seeing it. (We're not talking about edits, because I don't like anything during edits. Hell, I hate the sight of my own name during edits. Fucking Billy, I tend to think. Why the fuck did you write this?). I don't rush anything, even if it seems to be quick, it's done because that's all there is to the story. It's complete as Hank has told me to find something else to do. So there may only be four releases from the mind of Billy London in 2012, but they are all works that I am very proud of.

Don't ask why I've bullet pointed stuff. I'm still in work mode. So back to the morgue for Billy (I'll explain in the next post. Promise.)