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The Romance Reviews

Friday, 21 December 2012

Scavenger Hunt!

It's the first day of Winter Solstice and we've survived the end of the world - Mayan style. Huzzah! Now we're not all burning in a pit of fiery doom, how do you fancy winning some stuff to celebrate Beautiful Trouble Publishing and the epicness that will be 2013! 

Each author has a riddle and you just need to skip along each blog to see the riddle and solve them. It's like a flaming Greek myth! Without the prospect of death. We've done that already, we're all still here!

My riddle is below. If you need a clue, re read The Claim. Round about Anna and Rocco's second sex scene. Involves the use of prophylactics. You'll totally get it. 


An odd girl whose private parts are very soft.

You've come so far and yet have more to go. Click on the BTP author's names to collect more riddle answers. Once you have all 11 answers collected email Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a $10 BTP gift certificate. Contest closes at 12 am 12.22.12.

Good luck! And.... GO! 

Serenity King
Drea Riley
Nevea Lane
Nikki Winter
Shirelle Higgins
Shanayah Tailor
Naomi Jones
Janet Eckford
Gynger Fyer
RaeLynn Blue

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