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The Romance Reviews

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Season of the Witch

Poor Auden and Helena! They have been languishing with my neglect, but not to worry, I am here to share them with you. Plus to celebrate their magical love, I'm doing a giveaway. Simply email me at with your favourite doctor and the three that I enjoy the most will get a copy of the book to devour in their own, sweet time. It can be any doctor... Strangelove, Doolittle, Dre... Whichever. Best not to use those three though. Surprise me! Competition runs until 8 May 2014.

Dr. Blurb

Auden Garceau is a musical beast in a golden cage. As the son of an aged rock star, to anyone else his life has always looked perfect. Decorated with awards and accolades, the shiny exterior doesn’t compare to the grim reality. He is without family, money, or even control over his life. Permitted a reprieve from his curfew, he’s booked to play at an employees’ only retreat only just with the expectation of being paid at the end. He never for a moment believed that he'd meet a woman like Dr. Helena Sarpong, gate crashing her sister’s work event. One kiss with the beautiful doctor is enough to make him want not just more kisses, but everything she can possibly give him. As a man used to being told he has an addictive personality, he’s more than willing to start a new habit - Helena.

Dr. Excerpt

Auden tucked Helena’s hand into his elbow as they followed the excited employees toward the pub. He felt a strange sense of privilege in escorting such a beautiful girl to what used to be his local pub. She had a near ethereal air to her, the clip in her hair sparkling in the moonlight. She was pretty cool as well. He didn’t know many girls who would turn up to a retreat with a company they didn’t even work for in a black leather biker jacket over an obviously designer dress.
“Isn’t your sister going to be pissed off with you?” he asked.
Helena’s eyes widened. “Oh lord. I forgot all about her. She was too busy fighting with this guy she works with.”
“We’ll send her a text,” he said. “Do you have a smart phone?”
She frowned at him, “Yes… Oh! I see.” She extracted it from her bag chained at her hip and slipped her arm around his shoulders. He, in turn, curved his palm around her waist as she extended her other arm to take the photo. Turning the phone over, he didn’t feel like releasing her to examine the picture. They looked like they’d been a couple for years.
“There now. You’re um…very photogenic,” she complimented.
He chuckled. “So are you.”
She slipped her arm from him and typed out a message to her sister, tagging the photo with it. With Auden, the singer, off to the pub down the road, so I’ll see you there? By the time they looked up, they were alone. “Everyone’s gone!”
He shrugged, quite happy everyone had buggered off so he could be alone with her. “It’s all right, I know where we’re going.”
She caught his arm again, and he felt the warmth of her fingers through the wool of his coat. She smelled incredible. What was that perfume? Bloody dangerous, it was, a subtle creamy flowery scent that was driving him crazy. He wanted to know if she smelled like that all over.
“You know when you sing…” she started, her footsteps falling into sync with his own, “you…oh God, I’m going to sound like an arse kissing journo, but it’s like magic. Did you see everyone crying?”
“I saw you moshing with those girls.” He smiled. “Thank you. I don’t perform anymore, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. But this reminded me how much I miss it. I’m glad I came.”
“I am too,” she grinned up at him. “You know why people in Essex and Japan live so long?”
“I can’t wait to hear this,” he teased.
“Karaoke! Singing is nothing less than good for the soul.”
“You didn’t want to sing,” he reminded her.
“Yes, because it was in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know!” She nudged him with an elbow. “And you ambushed me.”
He laughed. “You were fine. More than. Just think of it as a Disney sing-a-long.”
Her head bowed, “Well, thank you. Even though it will embarrass me for the rest of my life.”
He turned to admonish her for being silly just as she leaned up to kiss his cheek and met with his mouth instead. His body jerked at the contact. Not just that he hadn’t touched a woman in years, but this woman had touched him? Whole different page number.
She nearly backed off, her eyes rounded with shock. “I’m so sorry. I was going for your—”
He didn’t care; his dick had twitched to life. “Come here a minute.” His hand curled around the back of her neck almost possessively.
“What are you doing?” she demanded as he edged her from the path and deeper into the woods, dried leaves crunching beneath their feet.
This would be far enough, he decided, glancing down at her chest. The partly open jacket gave a tantalising view of her breasts, heaving over the edge of her dress. He swore he could hear her thinking this is a bad idea!
“No. It’s really not,” he assured her.

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