The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Peace and Love

Day 10 has arrived, bright and early! And I go from mature love to married love. Daisy the Vicar has a brief day off before her sermon the next day.

Treasured © Billy London 

Daisy tapped her stockinged foot on her bedroom carpet. Her Valentine’s Day present happened to be a lingerie set from her favourite designer. Which she wore. And not much else. She ended the call and tried dialling her father once more. Blasted old man, why wasn’t he picking up? 
“Daisy!” Her husband yelled, making her jump. 
“What on earth is the matter with you?” She yelled back. “Don’t shout at me!”
“You’ve been getting ready all damn day!” He stormed into the bedroom and came to a screeching halt. “Wow.” His smile embarrassed and pleased her. “If only people knew what you wore beneath the dog collar.”
“No one should think about what I wear... Why isn’t my dad answering?”
Greg took the phone from her and tucked it into his suit pocket. “Leave him alone.”
“Why? He’s on his own and this day always...”
“No it doesn’t,” he talked over her. “If he’s paid any attention to me, he’s gone to Blessing’s house to have a love life. Something you’re interfering with.”
Daisy gawped at her husband. “He’s what?”
“He’s lonely because he’s been starry eyed about that woman for a lifetime. And I told him to shift his arse, so I could have my wife to myself for one day.”
Daisy’s mouth twitched in guilt. Poor Greg. He did take the back seat just so she could be the shining light to her congregation. And to her dad. And to her brother who really needed to pull his finger out and do something with his life. Greg was patient. Greg was kind. Mostly. Until she got in the way of his plans for her.
For a long time she felt somewhat uncomfortable in her role as vicar and wife. When Greg had patiently waited to marry her before he got to see her underwear. Even though they had dates ending with kisses that set her soul on fire. And when he did get to see her underwear, he wasn’t entirely impressed with her selection and he set about replacing her plain whites with what were now her favourites. Now, she recognised that love and the expression of that love in the privacy of her shared bedroom was nothing to be uncomfortable about. It was clear to her whole congregation she enjoyed a passionate, respectful and loving relationship with her husband. Who really needed to curb his swearing. He did make up for it by printing the weekly church newsletters for her, and organising monthly events for the Sunday School. 
“Sorry. I’m sorry. Let me just try him once...” She reached out for the phone and Greg gently held her hand away, examining her lingerie clad body. From the demi cups of the sheer bra, to the suspender belt that shaped her narrow waist and the stockings that lovingly cupped her thighs. 
“My day, remember? Even though you’ve spent most of it under a damn hooded drier.”
She grinned. “But feel how soft my hair is...” She took his palm and let it drift through roller set curls she’d watched several YouTube tutorials to perfect. 
“Do we have any olive oil left?” He asked, distractedly trailing his fingers in her hair. 
“Tons. Greg...”
“Reverend March, put your dress on and let’s go.”
Growling at him, she took her red dress from its hanger and slipped it on. She glanced over her shoulder and caught the expression on her husband’s face. That there proved she could be all roles and more. Vicar, friend, daughter, sister, wife, woman. “Zip me up.”
He did so slowly, touching his mouth over her spine as he went along. “Looking forward to the reverse.”
As did she... “Are we going to the restaurant or...” She trailed off, breathless from his touch.
Greg finally looked guilty. “I just want to look in. And then we’ll go.”
His pride and joy just celebrated its third anniversary. It was the first Valentine’s Day he hadn’t been keeping an eagle eye on every member of staff. The faith he had in his staff was nothing short of religious. “We can stay if you want.”
“No, I’ve booked us for a Michelin star meal.”
“Darling, there’s no place better.” She turned and brushed her hands over the shoulders of his jacket. “I’m so proud of you. I don’t mind where we go. As long as you’re not working. And I get to tell you how much I love you.”
The kiss he gave her... Shook her knees and dissolved her bones... God really had blessed her in so many ways. “I promise we’ll be in and out in five minutes.”
Liar. He really should stop that too. He turned to collect his car keys and she slipped on her heels. “You didn’t touch your champagne.”
Oh hell. She should have chucked it in the sink. “Um. I’ll have some tomorrow. You know I don’t like drinking on a Saturday.”
He frowned at her briefly before holding out his hand. “All right then. Let’s go.”
Liar. She really should stop that. Well she would. When she had two minutes to tell him that drinking was off the menu for the next nine months... 

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