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The Romance Reviews

Monday, 22 April 2013

Georgia on my mind...

Now, you all know by now that I hate flying. But I'm enduring it for the Meet and Greet on 29 June 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Yep, coming all the way from my little bit of greenery in yonder hills of England to shut some ish down in the South. Still. I wasn't joking back in January, I mean it.

You should come too! Ask me all those burning questions you've buried deep down inside, fearing my wrath. I have no wrath. I'm not either working for you or dating you, we're cool. Ask my fellow authors all those burning questions you have.

All attendees will go home with swag, knowing stuff they had no intention of finding out and have a jolly good time while they're there. I won't be high from Nyquil or anything else, so I'll be able to articulate responses better. I'll be prepared. Unless someone asks me where the babies are, then I'll just ask for my mum to pipe down. She's not coming, she's going to be in Ghana so one can thoroughly misbehave!

There are still tickets available for you to have a knees up with some marvellous IR/MC authors. The glorious Latrivia Nelson will be there, along with the fabulous Yvette Hines, Kassanna, Bridget Midway, Erosa Knowles, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, JJ Murray and Cora Blu. If you come, you'll find out that I really am British. I couldn't fake this, honest. I'm not a Catfish, I'm real. All real.


  1. Having a "knees up" with Billy London is like a dream come true! As well as all the other authors...its like a free-for-all FANGIRL date. Yay.
    AJ Rows

  2. It will be! Can't wait to meet you!!