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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ageing like a fine wine...

I know Windows has been out for barely a week, but I need to mention the next one, for good reason. I watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl (long story, night out, a jump suit, red heels = escort card) and up popped Paul Nicholls! I mean good God, he's grown up! He has... facial hair! And tattoos! Paul Nicholls used to be in Eastenders, which is a BBC soap that's been on for 25 years and why after all the fires, explosions, car crashes, drug overdoses, murders, baby switching, gay Christians/Muslims/doctors/dogs would anyone want to live in Walford, East London I can only guess. I mention Eastenders because it's the show that my protagonists Ryan & Courtney bond over. *Mental note. Add Eastenders to new Glossary...*

Anyways, Paul Nicholls used to be in Eastenders. He was the first schizophrenic to be portrayed on national tv. His illness did have a sense of humour as when he set his school books on fire in the street, he slammed his bedroom door closed and played The Prodigy's Firestarter at full volume. Freakin' hilarious! Look at him then, all sweet and innocent. And look at him now [the one on the far left grabbing the blond with crazy sexy hair. That's Billie Piper. We share name only. And one or two tops. And that's it. I think...]

In Secret Diary he was all domineering and you know... yeah. Wow. Grown up. Is that all it takes? A bloke's voice to drop an octave, facial hair and; 'Do it or I'll make you do it'? There was a fire starting somewhere, when he came on screen I can tell you. Ooh lookie! Double double entendre!!

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