The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nothing like Olivia Palermo

Jayha said editing is like boot camp. It's not. It's worse. It's torture with a full stop moved in twenty different places. The Red One would have ended up against the wall if I didn't love it. It's my baby. Then I found my zen. I want this story to be perfect. I hate it at the moment. But I want it to be perfect so you don't say, 'Massive plot hole there, woman.' or Miss Bibbins forgive me, 'That's spelled wrong.'

I will put up with it. I will not throw a princess fit. I will remember that I am an adult. And I do recognise that Olivia Palermo's job is nothing like this, and to be honest? That skinny mini does sod all.


  1. Jayha is laughing her a** off...The Jeanie is looking at Jayha and singing the ITYS (I Told You So) dance. Jayha looks around and shushes Jeanie who is now in a full on laugh fit and clears her throat: But doesn't the story totally rock now, Billy? Doesn't it? Yes, it does. And oh yeah, BTW: DIBS ON NICKI, TONY, and MASSIMO. And oh yeah, write us some more stories please. Grin.

  2. Yes, write us some more stories Billy because you know you got us all fiending.

  3. Dude come on you can't dibs everyone! I will loan the Da Canavezes out once in a while. But that's all. Loan. Like with a library card. Ooh, we should so do that! Library card system - two month loan only or fine!!

    *Billy goes back to writing*

  4. you are so cute
    loan them to me
    ah chica, cute
    we actually do have a library system
    but some men are permanently dibsed...and special people are allowed a clone or man doll of that hero.

    the ladies will simply have to fight over the nick and massimo clones...