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The Romance Reviews

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day... Da Canaveze style

Not really feeling Valentine's Day today. In the dark early evening, I just got totally freaked out by a man holding a single red rose, but making it look like he was holding a baseball bat. Totally off single red roses now. But it did get me thinking how the lush Nick Da Canaveze would celebrate Valentine's Day.

The dude is one for gestures out of leftfield... so would a few days off work as 'gifted' by your boss work for you? How about you get home and you've got to pack a little weekend case. And your passport. You're getting excited now aren't you? You have to get into a smooth black Mercedes which takes you to Heathrow (has to be Heathrow - better duty free shopping). You know when you go to duty free, you try not to buy anything because it'll eat into your spending budget? You don't have a spending budget, you can buy whatever you like. It's all on Da Canaveze. And you still don't know where you're going! Although you are in the first class lounge. Then the flight is called. To Venice! It has to be Italy, baby, that's his back yard. You can have a little thank you party in your plane seats. But mostly in the gondola that takes you to the hotel (don't rock the it too much, think about your hair!). That's right, you need a gondola to get to the hotel. And don't expect to see much of Venice outside your suite which is decked out like a Renaissance painting. That is how Nick does. Although, if you would be happy with a take away, a box of chocolates and something sappy on tv, he'd let that go too. Just about. You'd have to make it worth his while to not get on a plane. But Venice is a much better idea. Whatcha think? Venice? London? Venice... London....

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