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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Billy In Wonderland

Ever so slightly hungover from my launch party, but feeling chirpy! It was so gorgeous of people to come and be 'you did what now?' and be all: 'where did Billy come from' [The answer to that is my younger brother taking the mick]. Most of all, I got to have this cake! It was sooo damn good! I ordered it from a company called londoncakes. I just emailed them the cover, and two hours later - that badass piece of baking was done! There's not much left of it now though :(

I had to save some for my Dad who was working. But he, a man who loves a bit of cake, was very impressed that I reserved a piece for him. That's daughterly love for you.


  1. you're a cake tease billy, which is almost as bad as being a clit tease (when you get the reader all worked up with hot alpha man candy and then pull back at the last minute...leaving us hanging...on the cusp of our pleasure only to have to wait for the rest. grin.

    i'm impressed you saved your dad cake too. now all you have to do is save cake for all of us chicks and gents over here that you teased with photos.

    congrats chica on a most fabulous read. right now the chicks are knocking down my door asking when we're going to have a chat (translation: when can we try and talk billy into ignoring jayha's dibs and letting us at nick and massimo). The answer to that is never, by the way.

  2. Ooh, hello! I was talking about cake and there you are with sex talk! Oh yeah. That's what I do too. Thank you so much, and I'm super up for a girlie chat. I don't think anyone could talk you out of a dibs, let alone me!!

  3. Hey Billy,
    Cake and sex go together like PB and jelly; PB and chocolate; victory and Carolina basketball; me and unbridled power....bwah ha ha ha ha.

    oh, you think the girls will be girly...bwah ha ha...these chicks are straight gangsta...

    it'll be awesome.

    oh yeah, and no, no one can talk me out of a dibs. grin.

  4. Adore, ADORE this book and am no fan of thugs. Was pleased you portrayed more the "old school" kind of gangsterism with a modern touch, which went down better with my sense of romance. Please give us more of your talent.